Rajjo 9th September 2022 Written Update: Arjun reveals about Rajjo to Pushkar


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The episode starts with Arjun asking Rajjo if she trusts him. Rajjo says a lot and throws the medal to him. Arjun catches it. He leaves. Arjun tries to make Madhu understand that he isn’t under any magical spells. The Baba claims the opposite. He asks Arjun to cut the pumpkin to prove the same. Arjun cuts the pumpkin and it’s red inside. There Rajjo hears someone struggling to breathe.

She comes out of Arjun’s room to check and finds Pushkar on the floor having an asthma attack. The Baba says that a witch is after Arjun. The latter proves that the baba is lying. The baba runs away. Madhu apologizes to Arjun. Rajjo looks for anyone to get help. She finds the asthma pump. She remembers a lady from her village using the same type of pump. She hands it to Pushkar and asks him to use it as she doesn’t know how to use it.

Pushkar sprays it placing it in his mouth. Madhu apologizes to Arjun and says that her intention wasn’t wrong. Arjun assures her that he knows that she only wants his goodness. Rajjo assures Pushkar that he won’t die and goes to get help. Rajjo drops a flower vase from upstairs. The family rushes upstairs to check if it’s a witch’s act. Arjun gets worried, remembering that only Rajjo is there upstairs.

The family is shocked to find Pushkar unconscious. After, Pushkar gains consciousness. He says that he got an asthma attack and a girl saved him. The family gets confused and asks which girl. They wonder who it could be. Pushkar says that she was short, but he couldn’t see her face properly. Arjun diverts the family’s attention. He asks his family to let Pushkar rest and sends them out. The family leaves.

Pushkar asks Arjun who that girl was. Arjun says that he knows that girl. He asks Pushkar if he can trust him. Pushkar assures him to keep his secret away from everyone. Arjun tells about helping a girl from Neelthal whose mom is missing. He seeks Pushkar’s help to find her. Arjun says that her mom was an athlete by showing Manorama’s medal. Pushkar is shocked to see the medal and recalls throwing Manorama out of the academy, denying being her child’s father.

Pushkar asks if he knows Manorama’s daughter and if she saved him. Arjun says yes and adds her name is Rajjo. He goes to take her. Elsewhere, Manorama is shown walking on the road and, on the other hand, Pushkar’s wife, Kavita, and his son, Bunty, are on the way in their car. Kavita scolds Bunty for driving the car using phone. Bunty doesn’t obey him. He hits Manorama with the car. Arjun brings Rajjo to Pushkar and introduces her. Pushkar recognizes Rajjo and says that he spotted her the other day at Arjun’s engagement ceremony.

Rajjo admits it. Arjun tells Pushkar that his family doesn’t know that Rajjo is staying in this house. Pushkar is surprised that Arjun, who never lies to his mom, lied to her. Arjun says that he was compelled to hide it from his mom and family as he didn’t know how the family would react if they knew it. He asks Pushkar to use his old contacts to find Rajjo’s mom. Rajjo gets on her knees and pleads with him to help her. Arjun asks Rajjo to get up, stating that girls don’t touch foot in their family. Pushkar says that Arjun did right by telling his secret to him. He says that he has to find the right arrangement for Rajjo and his mom.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pushkar says that her pride, Kalindi and the proof of his affair, Rajjo, can’t stay under the same roof. Pushkar finds dirty shoes in front of his house and asks whose shoes they are. Bunty says that they’re their new maid’s. Pushkar says that it seems like she is a runner. Manorama hears the voice and finds it familiar. She misses seeing his face.

The episode starts with Rajjo breaking down, not finding her mom. Meanwhile, at Arjun’s house, Madhu checks Arjun’s room and finds a girl’s hair strand on Arjun’s bed. At the rescue center, Arjun offers his kerchief to a crying Rajjo. He assures Rajjo that they will find her mom. Elsewhere, Manorama is hopeful to find Rajjo.

At Arjun’s house, Madhu wonders whose hair it is. She confirms that it can’t be Urvashi or anyone in the family, but an outsider’s hair. She wonders whose hair it is then. She notices smoke coming from the washroom. She goes to check and finds a woman standing in the darkness holding a candle. She gets scared and runs downstairs, calling out to her family members. The family rushes to Madhu and asks what happened.

Madhu says that there’s a witch in Arjun’s room. The family refuses to believe her and tries to convince her it’s her misconception. Madhu refuses and says that a witch followed Arjun when he returned from Nainital, so he has been acting weird in the past few days. She shows the hair she found on Arjun’s bed. She scolds Chirag when he comments and asks him to stay away from Arjun’s matter. She says that she decided what to do to get rid of the witch.

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