Rajjo Upcoming Story: Arjun to ask Rajjo to leave!


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Star Plus’ popular daily soap, Rajjo, is gearing up for more drama, with Madhu coming up with Arjun learning Madhu’s vile plan.

In the current story, it’s seen that Arjun answers the call. Guruma thinks that Mafhu received the call and says that Arjun should get intimate with Rajjo to escape from the death threat and Rajjo should die to save Arjun.

Arjun is devastated to discover that Manorama cheated him. He walks out of the house and screams, standing in an isolated place to let out his anger and deception. He says that Rajjo is his love, but he can’t express it to her because of Madhu’s actions.

Rajjo doesn’t find Arjun in the house and gets worried about him. She goes to find him. Rajjo spots Arjun in the temple. She asks him what happened and asks him to return home.

Arjun controls his emotions and shouts at Rajjo and asks her to go home. A shocked Rajjo obliges. The next day, Thakurs return home and are shocked to find Rajjo crying. Rajjo tells them about what happened last night. Manorama goes to Arjun. The latter confronts Manorama.

In the upcoming story, it will be seen that Arjun will refuse to ever get intimate with Rajjo and will swear to never give Rajjo the right of a wife, shocking Madhu.

Later, Rajjo will ask Arjun to share his sorrow with her by stating that they’re together so they should share their sadness with each other. Arjun will remind Rajjo that once she said that there’s nothing between them and asks her to stick to her words.

Rajjo will decide to leave the house as there is no future for their relationship. Chirag will try to stop Rajjo from leaving the house. But Arjun will stop Chirag. He will ask Rajjo to leave. Rajjo will begin to walk towards the entrance along with Manorama.

What will happen next? Will this be the end of Arjun and Rajjo’s relationship?

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