Rajjo Upcoming Story: Pushkar to kidnap Manorama to kill her


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Star Plus’ popular daily soap, Rajjo, is gearing up for more drama, with Madhu’s evil plan getting exposed in front of the family.

In the current story, it’s seen that Manorama lashes out at Madhu for using Rajjo as a pawn to save Arjun. Rajjo expresses how much Madhu hurt her by faking concern for and trying to kill her. Thakurs also rebuke Madhu for her action.

Arjun and everyone demand Madhu to apologize to Rajjo. But Jhilmil uses this opportunity and takes the control of the house. She defends Madhu and says that she doesn’t need to apologize as Guruma was ay fault. However, Arjun urges Madhu to seek Rajjo’s forgiveness.

Rajjo has enough and shouts, asking them to stop. She says that she doesn’t need Madhu’s apology, but it doesn’t mean she forgives her.

She recalls Manorama Arjun’s decision to go away from her knowing that her life is in danger and tries to make Manorama understand that Madhu would also have petrified knowing Arjun’s life is in danger.

In the upcoming story, it will be seen that Arjun will pin Rajjo to the wall and will ask her if she wants to continue their relationship despite what all happened. Rajjo will look on. Pushkar will kidnap Manorama.

He will take her to an isolated place and will throw her into the water in which there’s a crocodile. Rajjo will find that Manorama is missing and she left while cutting vegetables to cook for her. She will grow suspicious.

Later, Rajjo will be worried about Manorama and will ask Madhu about Manorama. Arjun will say to Rajjo that she’s overreacting. Rajjo will say to Arjun that he won’t say this if his mother is missing.

What will happen next? Will Rajjo be able to save Manorama in time?

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