Rajjo Upcoming Story: Rajjo to expose Niharika


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Star Plus’ popular daily soap, Rajjo, is gearing up for more drama with Rajjo and Arjun hiding Amit in the Thakurs’ house to expose Niharika before the wedding.

In the current story, it’s seen that Kalindi demands Arjun to open the door. Chirag tells her that he needs time to get ready. Kalindi grows suspicious and checks him through the window.

Chirag manages the situation there.Rajjo informs Swara that Amit is alive and they are going to find him. Swara asks them to be careful. Later, Niharika scolds Swara for double crossing her.

Swara tells her it’s not wrong to reveal the truth because she was carrying her boyfriend’s baby. Rajjo informs Arjun that she stole Amit’s phone. If they send a message to meet her, then she will check whether he escaped from her custody or not?

Later, Niharika received a message and confessed the truth to Pushkar. He confronts Amith and shoots him. Later, Madhu is shocked to find Amit in the groom’s place. Arjun enters inside, taking Rajjo with him.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Madhu will ask Rajjo if she had planned something against them. Rajjo will tell her that she didn’t, but Niharika.

Madhu will tell her that she will deal with it. She will demand her to leave the house. Arjun will tell her that Rajjo won’t leave this house. Rajjo will reveal to Kalindi that Niharika is carrying Amit’s baby.

What will happen next?

Can Rajjo find Amit and expose Niharika before it’s too late?

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