Rakshabandhan Upcoming Story: Rasaal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal’: Chakori burns Rasaal’s hand


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Yash and Mamta Patnaik’s “Rakshabandhan: Rasaal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal” will see a big revealation.

In the recent episode we saw that Shiv comes to know that Chakori is the luteri dulhan and Moong is her companion. He and the other kids also find Phoolie’s letter and run towards Umed to tell him the truth. Umed on the other hand gets to know about Chakori via Murari (Chachaji’s son) and rushes home worried about the kids.

Later, Chakori discloses herself to Umed. Hearing the truth, Umed tries to choke Chakori when Moong hits him hard on the head. Chakori then ties Umed.

Moong and Chakori then chase the kids, but Shiv gets tired and Moong catches him. Meanwhile, Umed gains conciousness and tries to untie himself and runs to look for the kids. The kids try to call Umed from Moong’s phone and Umed runs to their rescue. Chakori also burns Rasaal’s hand. 

Will Umed be able to save the kids? To know what happens next keep watching “Rakshabandhan: Rasaal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal”.

“Rakshabandhan: Rasaal Apne Bhai Ki Dhaal”, produced under Beyond Dreams Entertainment, features Nishant Singh Malkhani, Nyrraa M Banerji, Hardika Sharma, Ajinkya Mishra,

Yogendra Kumaria, Manisha Purohit, and Rehan Saif Ansari.