Rishton Ka Manjha 14th January 2022 Written Update: Tina threatens Diya


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The episode starts with Tina asking Diya what she is doing. Diya replies she was just waiting for her. Tina says her decision won’t change so Diya should not wait. Diya feels relieved thinking Tina didn’t catch her with the phone. Luv talks to the lawyer that they are not ready to give alimony money Diya. Dipika says if they refuse to give her the money she can take them to court and can bring trouble for them. Luv scolds Dipika for talking nonsense. He says if they fulfill Diya’s every demand then the latter will ask for so many things even her share in their business which is not possible. He calls Dipika stupid and immature. Diya overhears that and she taunts Luv saying does he have all the knowledge about divorce that he is misbehaving with his wife like that. Diya says Agarwal men don’t show respect to the women of the house so it’s obvious they will not give her alimony money but she won’t spare them if they deny. Dipika asks Diya to not interfere in their personal matter as Diya is also at fault right now. Diya thinks noone supports Dipika in the house so she feels bad for her. Diya says if Dipika likes to get disrespected then she won’t interfere. Diya warns Luv saying she will call the lawyer and will get her money from them.

Diya saves Dadi from falling and then she acts like she did it to avoid the unnecessary chaos so that everyone only focuses on her divorce with Arjun. Her alimony money is not decided yet too. Dadi says she is experienced enough to understand that Diya can’t be a wrong person then why she is behaving this way. Diya says she acted like a good daughter in law to gain their trust earlier but not anymore. She needs only money. She leaves. Diya tries to call someone from the landline number and Dipika sees her. Dipika asks her why she is using landline and not her own cell phone. Diya makes excuse saying her phone bill is high so she is using the landline and she has two days left in the house so she can use the stuffs here. Dipika tells her that she can’t buy her happiness with money. Diya taunts her saying Dipika’s happiness is also dependent on money only so the latter should not lecture her. The landline rings and Diya gets afraid. Dipika picks it up and says the person its a wrong number.

Pihu calculates the amount and she asks for the rest 10 thousand rupees from Tina. Tina says her work finished within 4 days. Pihu says she took many risks and even injured her forehead for this drama. She created scenes in the mansion and gave Tina half profit of the stolen jewels then why won’t she get the whole amount from her. Pihu threatens Tina saying she will disclose her truth to Agawals. Tina also says she will torture her to such extent that she won’t be able to show her face to anyone.

Luv talks to his mistress and Dipika asks him who is he talking to. Luv avoids her and talks rudely with her. Dipika questions him what’s her fault that he mistreats her all the time. Luv says he has work pressure. He says he gave her all kind of comfort, money, jewels etc. What more he can do for her. Dipika says she just needs his time and support, not all these. Luv ignores her and calls his mistress again in the kitchen. Diya hears his talk and then he leaves from there. Diya gets a call in the landline and receives it.
Tina asks Diya why she is using landline now as Niharika told her everything. Diya says she was just talking to her mother to know about her health. Tina warns her saying if she is trying to act oversmart then there will be consequences.

Episode ends

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