Rishton Ka Manjha 15th January 2022 Written Update: Tina gets exposed by Arjun


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The episode starts with Arjun calling Tina. He tells her to call the lawyer for his and Diya’s divorce. Tina acts like she is shocked and she advises him to sort out the issues with Diya. Arjun says now nothing can be solved between them, he can’t stay with Diya anymore. Tina gets happy and she says she will come with the lawyer. Arjun tells her to come to Agarwal Mansion saying he needs her.

Arjun calls his family members and tells Madhuri that their problems will get solved finally today and he has brought the lawyer with him as well. He calls Diya and the latter says what does he want to say? Will he apologise to her along with his family? Arjun says that he will give her divorce. Tina comes with the lawyer. Diya says but she won’t leave the house until she gets her alimony money. Amitabh interferes saying she will get nothing from them. Arjun adds they should give Diya everything she is asking for. He says they have expensive showpieces, cutlery and jewels etc in the house. Diya can take any of that. Kush tells Arjun not to behave insanely. Arjun replies that Diya’s reality is exposed, so they don’t need to hide anything. Tina says she can’t believe Diya will turn into such a negative person. Arjun says he also can’t believe that this Diya is real, as the girl he knew earlier was really passionate about badminton. He can’t believe she lost the match. He asks about Tina’s opinion and says he feels that was not Diya but someone else who lost the match. Tina and everyone get shocked hearing that. Arjun reveals Diya’s look alike Pihu stole Madhuri’s jewels and did all these which Diya can’t do. Pihu enters and shocks everyone. Madhuri asks who is that girl. Arjun says Tina hired her to take Diya’s place in the mansion and Madhuri gets restless hearing that.

Pihu says her dream to become an actor, but Tina made her do such things and she didn’t even pay her. Tina shuts her up saying Pihu is lying and she just came here to help Arjun. Pihu replies she doesn’t even know Agarwals, why will she plot against them? Diya calls Tina a fake social worker and also she is looking very scared which shows she is the culprit. Tina threatens her saying if she doesn’t let her leave right now, then her men will kill Mohan. Niharika gets nervous thinking Tina confessed her crime and she trapped her as well.

Arjun calls the police and says Mohan is safe now and Tina should get arrested for kidnapping Diya’s father. He should have called the police that day when she accused Diya of stealing jewels. Arjun explains how Tina executed the whole plan. Diya says Pihu will give statement against Tina. Tina gets hyper but in vain. Arjun says Tina forgot that Diya and he are not just husband and wife but are a team. Diya gets emotional hearing that.

Episode ends

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