Rishton Ka Manjha 15th March 2022 Written Update: Diya pleads Karan to free Bablu


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The episode starts with Karan accepting the fact that he kidnapped Bablu and if Diya tells this to Arjun then Bablu will get hurt. He tells her to take her phone while leaving as he took it away for precautions. Diya pleads him to free Bablu but in vain. Karan says she has to leave badminton to save Bablu. Kavita throws Diya out of the house. Kush finds Niharika outside of the mansion. She acts like being unconscious. Kush sees she has fever and Dipika tells him to let her in. Kush says he can admit Niharika to a local hospital but what’s the need to bring her home. Dipika convinces him and there Niharika smirks thinking their goodness is their enemy.

Kush lifts her up and makes her lay in bed. Niharika doesn’t get up and it makes him worried. He takes care of her and tells Parvati to bring wet kerchief for her. Niharika says she will take advantage of his love. Arjun looks for Diya and she comes back home. He questions her where did she go without locking the door and what is going on. Diya asks him why he came to her house as she told him not to come. He says he is not going anywhere but will stay with her and will practice badminton with her.

Diya deneis saying it doesn’t look good for a son in law to live in his in law’s house. He should not lose his respect but should leave. She will come back within two days. He says he knows she is hiding something and she says badminton can’t be everything for someone as there are other things in life which are important too. Arjun says how can she say like that as she knows the importance of badminton in their lives. He is not telling her to practice whole day. Diya says she doesn’t want to practice and he asks her does she want to play the mixed doubles or not.

Niharika murmurs that she betrayed her family and she doesn’t deserve to live. Kush calls the doctor and stops her from leaving. He says she is right as her act is unforgivable and he allowed her to stay here just for humanity nothing else. Arjun forces Diya to tell what she wants. Diya remains silent and avoids him. He says it’s fine he wont play with her but he promises that he will win the match without her and he doesn’t need her in everything. He says he will remember this silence of hers forever and will ask the reason why she refused to play. He leaves and later Diya cries recalling his words. Meera consoles her and she says she lost Arjun’s trust again. She can’t tell him the truth else Karan will hurt Bablu. She says she is trapped and thinks of finding another partner for Arjun for the match. She hopes Arjun will understand her when she will tell the truth.

Episode ends

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