Rishton Ka Manjha 17th January 2022 Written Update: Diya slaps Tina


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The episode starts with Arjun saying that Diya did all these to save her father as Tina was blackmailing her and even kidnapped Mohan. Arjun says Tina forgot that he and Diya are a team more than just husband and wife. Arjun reveals how Diya gave him a hint which he taught her during training. Niharika was with her but she couldn’t understand that. Flashback starts, Diya tells Arjun that she didn’t lose the match but Pihu lost it. Pihu was staying with his family. Arjun asks her why she didn’t tell him earlier. Diya replies because of Tina and Niharika as Tina has kidnapped Mohan. Arjun gets shocked to hear that. Diya shows him a photo of Jamshedpur address which she took when Niharika showed her Mohan’s video. There was a calender behind Mohan, where the Jamshedpur address was written. Arjun reached him seeing the address and saved Mohan from goons. Flashback ends.

Arjun reveals Tina’s recruits confessed their crime and now Tina will go to jail. Niharika gets scared when the inspector says her involvement in the plan is proved thus she will have to go to police station whenever they will call her. But she won’t get arrested immediately because of no direct involvement. Pihu also gets arrested. Tina is about to leave with the Police but Diya stops them and slaps Tina. Diya says its because she hurt her father and she slaps Tina again saying this is for trying to separate her from her husband. Diya adds Tina stooped so low that she made a daughter and a wife weak and helpless just to fulfil her selfish motive. Diya says but she was not broken but Arjun and his support were with her always. Tina leaves. Niharika acts like apologising to the Agarwals saying she made a mistake again. She won’t repeat it again. Madhuri goes to Diya and says sorry to her for misunderstanding her. She says she had doubt before that Pihu can’t be Diya but she couldn’t imagine that Diya has a lookalike. Diya says it was not Madhuri or anyone’s fault. Dipika also apologises to Diya and the latter forgives them. Madhuri hugs Diya happily saying she is back again.

Arjun gives the badminton racket to Diya and tells her to beat him with that. He says he madly wanted to win the match so he couldn’t see the helplessness in Diya’s eyes. He became blind and doubted her intentions which is wrong. Diya calms him down saying he is her strength and he is not at fault. She gets teary and says he was with her always when she was abducted by Tina. If he wasn’t there she couldn’t have saved her father. Arjun and Diya hold each other’s hands and share an eye lock. Arjun says from now their bond got stronger. Dipika comes in and teases them. She gives food to Diya. Diya says she is not hungry but Arjun says she became physically weak due to the mishap. He tells Dipika that he will feed Diya. Dipika says why they didn’t share their plan with her. Arjun replies their reactions needed to be real else Tina would have become alert. Dipika leaves.

Arjun tells Diya that she can again get prepared for the match as she didn’t play that. Diya says this time he will also play match with her. Arjun tells her not to crack irrational jokes as he is a ban player. Diya says she hid the papers in camp which she took from the information room. She says his fans are waiting for him and his charges are fake so he should not be afraid to play. She reveals Dr Sen and others statements were same as Karan threatened them. Diya motivates Arjun to start playing again so that he becomes like before.

Dipika blindfolds Diya and gives her a surprise. Diya gets surprised seeing golgappe chaat on dining table. She asks Dipika, Madhuri and Dadi whether they made these for her. They say that they didn’t, Arjun comes and reveals he made these for her and she should not judge him after tasting it. He feeds Diya golgappe and Madhuri gets happy seeing them. She says whatever Diya will like to eat she can tell them. Diya tells about makarsankranti celebration and Bengal famous Pitha. She says she will make Pitha for everyone. Arjun says he will eat too. He gets a call and learns from Radhu that Dr Sen is dead. Arjun gets shocked

Episode ends

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