Rishton Ka Manjha 18th February 2022 Written Update: Amitabh apologises to Diya


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The episode starts with Kavita telling Khurana that she will make Karan understand. Khurana calls her intelligent and leaves. Karan questions her why she told Khurana that she won’t register her name but will wait. Kavita tells him that she said that to convince Khurana. Khurana can only help them now she they can’t anger him. She says but in real they will wait for four days and then they will execute their plan against Arjun. Karan says he is sure Arjun will play the match. Arjun chooses a flat for his family. They get two rooms for six people. Diya feels sad for Agarwals as she can adjust with this environment but they can’t. Arjun says they will learn from her, Arjun says they will have to start their badminton practice too for the upcoming match. Diya holds his hand and says she will be with him always. Arjun says he wants that only. They smile.

Karan watches the speech of the current chief of the badminton academy. He says he will select candidates carefully and no corruption will be there. He will fix everything which Karan destroyed. Karan gets angry and breaks the TV. Kavita calms him down saying he should not lose his calm but should relax. She will handle everything. He thanks her for her support. He asks her about her partner for the match. She says she has one named Balwinder who used to play with her in USA. He is very good player. Karan learns from his spy that Arjun has shifted to new house on rent. Karan tells him to do something.

Niharika instructs the decorators to choose exotic theme for the party. She asks Luv about her necklace. Luv asks her what’s the need of wasting money to throw party. They should focus on business and Amitabh is still in the hospital. Niharika asks him to leave the matter. She says big celebrities will attend the party and they will get profit only. She says Kush has also come to stay with them as he is useless and understood he can’t survive without money. Luv gets shocked to know that. Niharika shouts at Banno to give her tea. Luv tells Niharika that they can’t trust Kush easily. He is close to Arjun. Niharika says Kush won’t dare to go against them now.

Diya brings Amitabh in the new flat. She shows them every corner of the house and says they will stay here without any problem. Later they will buy a big house for them after earning more money. She believes Arjun will get a job too. Amitabh says but how will they get money as Luv destroyed everything. Hospital bills are also pending.

Arjun sells his car and gets two lakhs in return. He gets emotional and looks at his first car. He says he will pay the hospital bill now and will pay the house rent. He sees an old man is unable to carry some heavy cartons and the instructor scolds him. Arjun helps the old man and keeps the carton in the truck. Diya tells Amitabh that they should not lose hope but they will make Niharika and Luv realise about their fault. Amitabh feels guilty for never accepting Diya as a part of their family. She says she is like his daughter so he doesn’t need to say sorry.

Arjun hears that the instructor needs a worker who can fulfil targets. Arjun gets ready to do the job as he needs it right now for her family. He says he will manage to do it. He puts some more cartons in the truck.

Episode ends

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