Rishton Ka Manjha 18th January 2022 Written Update: Madhuri recalls her statement regarding Arjun’s drug case


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The episode starts with Arjun getting shocked to know Dr Sen is no more. He informs everyone about it. In room Diya says Karan is behind the murder and he will try hard to cover up the news in front of media but they have to spread the news everywhere that he killed Dr Sen. Diya adds they have to find the papers in camp tonight to expose Karan. Arjun nods yes. Diya says Arjun is not involved in drug case so they have to prove it in front of whole world that he is innocent.

Diya says she will make Pitha for everyone in the family to cheer them up. Madhuri says she will grind the coconut for Diya. Diya says she will manage but Arjun says he will help her. He says he is fine and he wants to divert his mind by celebrating the makarsankranti. Police is doing their investigation. Diya agrees to take his help. Amitabh comes and says he likes patisapta a lot so he will eat that today which Diya will make for everyone. Luv gets confused seeing Amitabh’s changed attitude.

Karan’s father in law tells the staff to not give any kind of statement to the media regarding Dr Sen. Later he scolds Karan for killing Dr Sen. He adds he takes favor for Karan mostly and now he is a killer as well. Karan defends himself saying Arjun reached Dr Sen and even stole some vital papers from the information room so Dr Sen would have confessed everything to Arjun so he killed him. Karan’s father in law tells Karan to publish a condolence note for Dr Sen saying he was missing from many days and was not in touch.

Karan’s father in law decides to stop Arjun from doing anything. Amitabh refuses to go to office and tells Luv to take a leave too. Luv says he has to go there for some vital work. He gets the call of his mistress and tells her that he will meet her after office. Luv lies to everyone that its a business meeting he is talking about. Dipika gets upset. She looks sad and Diya asks her what happened to her if it’s related to Luv. Dipika hides it and leaves. Arjun tells Diya to get ready to go to camp.

Tina calls Karan and says she is getting special treatment for being a part of an influential family. Karan says he can’t help her now to which she says he should worry for himself as Diya and Arjun got united again. Karan gets worried. Tina says she will come out of lockup soon and will destroy Arjun and Diya. Arjun and Diya reach camp and notice the guards playing cards. He crosses the wall and tells Diya to jump. She loses balance and he holds her in his arms. They share an eye lock and Diya says she hid the papers here only. They hide seeing the guards.

Madhuri says she is so happy today and Diya is the reason. Amitabh says he also feels now Arjun can stay happily with Diya only. He says but why Arjun and Diya want to dig out the past as it will give them nothing but pain. He talks about Dr Sen who approved Arjun’s drug report. He reminds Madhuri of that night when she was interrogated by the police. She says she doesn’t want to remember that day. Diya tells Arjun that they should leave but Arjun tells her not to give up as they are really close to the truth and they should not run away now.

Diya finds the papers under a tyre and gives it to Arjun. Arjun says when everyone doubted him his mother supported him only. Madhuri says her one false statement made Arjun’s life as hell. She shouldn’t have told the police that Arjun took drugs. Diya says to Arjun that it must be hard for Madhuri to see his son in that state. Amitabh says Diya and Arjun should stay away from Karan else everything will be ruined.

Precap – Arjun says now the truth will come out. Karan gets afraid thinking what will Arjun do. Madhuri confesses her crime.

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