Rishton Ka Manjha 1st October 2021 Written Update: Arjun stops Diya from leaving the party


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The episode starts with Madhuri telling Diya that she must not forget her promise that she will stay away from Arjun. She came as Tina invited her but now she will leave with her wedding gift. Madhuri adds she is more scared of Arjun’s actions as the latter will make Karan lose at any cost. Winning the match now has become Arjun’s prestige issue and he won’t back off easily so Diya has to leave him alone. Madhuri takes her the gift and says she will leave right now. Diya gets upset and thinks Madhuri is right she should maintain distance from Arjun else the latter will get attracted to badminton over and over again. She is about to leave but Arjun comes from behind and stops her saying where is she going. She will meet him in back yard after the function they will start practice there. Diya says she has to make lot of preparations for marriage, she can’t wait anymore. She can’t go with him for practice. She has to leave. Arjun gets surprised saying she came because of him then why she wants to leave suddenly. He forcibly stops her saying she won’t go anywhere until he allows her. She will practice today.

Amitabh gets irritated with Diya’s presence and tells Madhuri he can’t stand her anymore in the party. He scolds Tina for inviting Diya. They are trying to separate Arjun and Diya then why she invited her. Karan was also stupid that he added fuel to the fire and Arjun got more excited. Tina tries to explain but Amitabh is not convinced. He says he will call the security guard will throw Diya out of the house. Madhuri says he should calm down. They can’t throw her out else Ajrun will get furious. He is aware of Arjun’s behaviour, he will create scene in the party like previously. Madhuri said she politely told Diya to leave and if she has self respect she will leave the party. Amitabh says that’s good.

Amitabh talks to the journalists and they r praise the house decorations. Amitabh tells Luv to cover up their previous mess which Arjun created earlier.

Arjun chooses a place for practice and Diya comes. She says why can’t Arjun understand that she wants to leave. He should stop interfering in her life. It’s her personal life. Arjun says he always saw the old Arjun on Diya, Karan wanted to defeat them but that should not happen. Diya can’t avoid practicing like this. He will talk to her husband too Diya says it’s her decision she already said no for the match. Arjun says that’s not done. He holds her tightly and says if she tries to leave he will break her legs. One reporter clicks their picture in that position and thinks of ruining Arjun’s family image. He says Arjun is really smart who is handling two girls. He decides to print the picture on front page.

Arjun and Tina come downstairs for Sangeet and everyone welcome them. Family photographs get clicked. Diya thinks it’s the right chance to leave the party but Deepika stops her saying she won’t leave until the Sangeet performances are over. She tells Diya to pose for the pictures but the latter says she is fine. Arjun sits with Tina and tells Diya to sit also. Tina gets irked. All family members start giving their performances on different Bollywood songs. Deepika dances with Luv and feels uncomfortable. Later Kush and Niharika dance and Kush falls down and everyone enjoys the hilarious moment. Kush drags Arjun to dance with him and Arjun dances. Diya looks at him. Arjun constantly stares at Diya and Tina gets jealous. After a family dance performance Arjun forces Diya to dance with them as she should stay in happy mood. She will warm up by dancing. It will be easier for her to practice. Diya denies and Tina shouts at Arjun saying what is he doing.

Episode ends

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