Rishton Ka Manjha 23rd February 2022 Written Update: Niharika finds out that Diya stole the property papers


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The episode starts with The inspector asking his senior that what is he doing at police station at late night. The senior officer replies he will be on duty tonight. He gives leave to the junior. The senior officer asks Arjun to come out of lock up. Arjun asks him the latter wants to take him to which place? The senior takes him from there. Niharika brings Kush and the latter meets Khurana. Khurana praises him for supporting Niharika and Luv. Niharika says she is going to call Luv and goes upstairs. Diya tries to enter Niharika’s room to steal the property papers but she hides seeing Luv. Luv talks to his mistress and says he will soon bring her in the mansion as divorce proceedings are going on between him and Dipika. He will get rid of Dipika soon. Diya overhears that and says Dipika is lucky that she will get rid of Luv finally. Niharika asks Luv to meet Khurana. Luv leaves and Diya thinks how will she enter Niharika’s room as she is standing still. Kush comes and says he wants to enjoy the party with Niharika. He takes her to the party to dance with her. Diya enters the room and searches for the papers.

Arjun comes to a godown with the officer and Karan meets him. Arjun asks him do you want to encounter me now. Karan says he wants to see the pain on Arjun’s face and wants him to suffer. He won’t kill him. Karan says he and Arjun have a connection. They both destroyed each other and now he will take revenge from Arjun as he spent 19 days in jail because of him. He will torture Arjun to such extent that that the latter won’t be able to play badminton again. The senior tells Karan to be careful as his job will be in danger. Arjun sits in the chair and says Karan doesn’t have that power or gut to attack him. Karan grabs his collar saying the latter will get an idea of his power soon. Arjun challenges him and pushes him away. Karan calls his goons and tells them to beat Arjun. Arjun gets beaten by them and the goons break his right hand. Karan stops them and asks Arjun does he want to hold the racket now? Arjun laughs and they leave. The junior officer witnesses everything and questions the senior why he is supporting the wrong thing. He is insulting their profession. The senior asks him to understand the system first. He warns the junior to not reveal the truth to anyone else he will get fired. Arjun says he will still play. He is unable to move his hand.

Kush dances with Niharika and Diya finds the papers. Kush tries to divert Niharika’s mind but she goes to her room. He tries to stop her but in vain. Niharika recognises the smell of Diya’s perfume and she gets shocked. She checks the cupboard and doesn’t find the papers. Kush says she might have kept them somewhere else. Niharika says she didn’t do that. She gets stressed thinking Diya has taken the papers. She goes outside. Kush goes behind her. Diya comes out of the mansion with the papers through window and says Kush will not come so she has to do something.

Episode ends

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