Rishton Ka Manjha 23rd March 2022 Written Update: Karan tells Niharika to execute a plan during Holi


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The episode starts with Madhuri worrying for Luv. She says she doesnt know where is he staying and how is he? Kush says he got information that Luv is staying in a resort. He started drinking alcohol. Madhuri says they can bring him back. He might have changed like Niharika. Niharika comes downstairs singing Bhajan. She says she wants to make the Holi preparations. Arjun says why Niharika changed her way of talking. Kush says she is drama queen and if they allowed him he would have thrown her out of the house. Niharika says she is not hurt at all as she is bearing the consequences. Niharika says she will start the preparations after breaking her fast. Diya says they should bring back Luv as without him their family is incomplete. Madhuri is also upset. Niharika gives the update to Karan and the latter asks her to execute a plan during Holi to trap Arjun and Diya. She hears the plan and says she can’t do that as it’s risky. Kush won’t spare her. Karan says Niharika has to do it anyhow. Noone should know about the plan. Niharika gets tensed thinking if she gets caught what will happen to her but Karan also won’t give her money if she can’t obey him. Kavita tells Karan that Niharika will get caught. This is risky. Karan says Arjun doesn’t consider him as his competitor then why will he play the match with him. Karan adds he doesn’t care about Niharika.

Diya tells Arjun to stretch his hands and the pain is not gone fully. She says bandage is not needed doctor said. Can he play with his right hand? He says not yet. Kush informs Arjun and Diya that Luv is missing from the resort. He tried to find him but in vain. Diya says they should not tell this to Madhuri or Dipika at this time. They will be more worried and stressed. Arjun says but they should not hide anything from their family. He goes to tell the truth to Dipika and Madhuri. Diya prays that everything will be fine.

Arjun tells Madhuri that Luv won’t be present with them during Holi. Madhuri assumes Luv refused to come home but Arjun says he is missing. Kush filed complaint in Police station. Maduri worries thinking may be Luv has taken a drastic step out of frustration. Arjun says not like that. He calms her down and she says Luv has committed crimes and she sometimes feels ashamed to call him her son but still she is his mother so she can’t stop worrying. Arjun tells Dipika to take Madhuri to room. Arjun apologises to Diya for telling the truth to his family. She says she is okay with it. He asks about her family’s safety and she says the Police is present there for their protection. Arjun suspects that Karan must be planning something to stop them from playing the match.

Niharika gets stressed thinking how will she execute the plan now but Karan is threatening her too. She checks the drawer to see the stuffs given by Karan. She sees Kush is coming so she starts meditating. He asks her to have some shame and the day he will get a proof against her he will throw her out instantly. Niharika looks calm and composed. She gives lecture that she wants to rectify her mistakes now, she couldn’t become his good wife and she seeks his apology. Kush tells her to not give speech frequently. Kush checks the drawer and she thinks she shouldnt have kept the stuffs in the drawer. He finds a banana skin and shows it to her. She gives excuse that she lost her thinking power but she thinks from her heart all the time. Kush leaves angrily. Niharika thinks how to execute the plan.

During Holi, Madhuri sits upset and Arjun talks to Dipika. She says Luv wronged them still they are worrying for him as no matter what she says, she only loves him. Arjun says he can understand that and it will be her decision whether to stay with Luv or not. Diya comes in hurry and informs Luv was found in North Bengal so they can take him back to mansion. This year the Holi celebrations will be grand. She happily tells Madhuri to start the Puja preparations before they come back with Luv.

Episode ends

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