Rishton Ka Manjha 25th March 2022 Written Update: Diya’s hands get burnt


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The episode starts with Madhuri teasing Diya and Arjun. Arjun also teases Diya and Madhuri tells Diya to scold Arjun. Arjun says on the occasion of Holi he is allowed to crack jokes. Luv meets Niharika and says to her he is happy she realised her mistake before him and came to this house. He says Diya and Arjun so kind hearted that they forgave them even after all the bad things they did. He says they had the scope to take revenge but they didn’t. Luv advises Niharika to not lose Kush forever just how he can’t get Dipika back again. Niharika remains silent. Diya asks why Amitabh isn’t here. Madhuri he doesn’t like colors that much. Arjun once colored him in childhood and he got annoyed.

Diya says but this this she will color Amitabh and she is sure he won’t get angry with her. Arjun colors Dipika and wishes her happy Holi. He then colors Luv and when Luv comes to color Dipika. Dipika calls Banno and avoids him. Luv leaves. Dipika looks upset and Arjun asks her what happened to her. Dipika says she feels like she is burden on Agarwals and when she has no relation with Luv now then there’s no point for her to stay here. For how long they will take her responsibility. So she should leave the house soon.

Arjun asks her not to talk like that as they never made her feel unwanted. Luv knows what he did to her so he is bearing the consequences. But she shouldnt feel low for all this. She is the daughter of the house and she should never talk like this to Madhuri else the latter will be very hurt. Arjun says he used to study in the same college with Dipika and they are friends. So he cheers her and then asks her to color him and wish him happy Holi. She also have to say sorry for what she said. She does that and

Diya goes to Kush and tells him to not look clean on this colourful festival. He should apply color on Niharika too. He says he will never trust her again and he saw her drama many times but none of them can see that. He leaves saying he will find out why Niharika is doing it. Diya then goes to Niharika and colors her saying she feels the latter has changed and won’t betray them again. Niharika smiles and there Arjun and Diya have fun together and throw colors at each other. Niharika mixes the chemical in the water and when Diya puts her hand in that bucket she screams.

Arjun brings Diya home from the clinic. He says her hand got burnt due to a harmful chemical. There was a chemical in the bucket maybe. Madhuri asks but who can do that as the colors were prepared by Banno. She questions Banno and the latter says she didn’t do anything.

Madhuri then suspects Niharika and says Kush was right about her that she can never change. Niharika stammers and says why would she do something like this. Madhuri asks then why is she nervous? She says she made a mistake by allowing her in the house but not anymore. Niharika looks scared.

Episode ends

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