Rishton Ka Manjha 26th February 2022 Written Update: Diya motivates Arjun to play badminton with his left hand


Rishton Ka Manjha 26th February 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Diya checking some papers. Arjun asks her what she is doing. Diya says she is thinking to buy a land but Arjun says they don’t have enough money they can’t do it. Diya says they will sell the land to Luv without buying it. Diya says the land is disputed and they have to make Luv believe that the land is worth 500 crores. Arjun says the land doesn’t belong belong to us then how we will sell that to Luv. Diya says they will become fake real estate agent and will convince Luv and Niharika to buy it. They will create a sense of urgency so that Luv gets ready to sign the papers as soon as possible. Arjun says they can cross check the papers before signing it. Diya says they are really greedy and we can use their greed to get back the property.

Kush says Diya made a risky plan and it won’t be successful. He has to meet her. Niharika comes to him and looks worried. Kush says he is tensed for her and she got dark circles too. Niharika says she doesnt want to go to jail. Kush says he will take the blame on himself. Arjun tells Diya that the plan is risky. Diya tells him to take rest and then he can start practicing. He says he doesnt think he can recover quickly. Diya gives him courage saying he can as his left hand is also powerful. Kush provokes Niharika saying Luv is outsmarting her and he is doing nothing to save her. Niharika gets scared and asks Kush to go to office to keep eyes on Luv. Kush agrees and she hugs him. Kush thinks he will send her to jail for sure.

Arjun tries holding the racket with his left hand. he practices and she teases him saying he is practicing without her. But they have to play together in mixed doubles. Arjun tells her to fill registration form as it’s last date. Kush tells Niharika that he got a big deal and they can expand their business. Niharika says but they need land for that. Kush says he knows about one land which is vast and it’s near bypass so the market value will be high after few years. Niharika gets happy saying they will become one of the best builders if they buy the land. Niharika then plans to hide about the deal from Luv. She says they can doublecross Luv and will get the huge profit alone. Kush traps Niharika with his acting. He asks her why she doesnt want to inform Luv. She says she is thinking about profit only. Arjun gets close to Diya and she feels nervous. He asks her for a cup of tea. He thinks he will give so much love to Diya after they win the match.

Kush thinks Niharika’s greed will become the reason of their destruction. Diya was right. Diya and Arjun reach for registration and the member informs Karan about it. He says they cant say no to Arjun without any reason. Karan permits him to register their names. Karan tells Kavita to register her name too. Kavita tells Karan to not take step without thinking as it might be Arjun and Diya’s plan to trap him. She says she will handle this matter in her own way. Arjun asks the member if Karan was giving orders to him to stop them from registering their names. He gets into an argument and Diya stops him. Diya bumps into Kavita and the latter smirks seeing her.

Episode ends

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