Rishton Ka Manjha 26th November 2021 Written Update: Amitabh accuses Diya of stealing Madhuri’s jewels


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The episode starts with Niharika saying why Diya didn’t take the jewels. She hears a noise and get afraid. Tina enters Diya’s room. Niharika gets relief seeing her. Niharika tells Tina that Diya didn’t see the jewels yet. Tina says Diya is not the stupid, she won’t run away if she find the jewels. Tina tells Niharika not to keep the jewels in the same bag. She says the plan will change now. Tina explains the whole plan to Niharika, the latter smirks saying Diya won’t get saved after that by anyone. She praises Tina’s plan. Niharika asks where did Diya go.

Arjun reaches Karan’s office in anger. Karan gets mad at him. Arjun calls the police inside and Karan gets shocked. Niharika and Tina enter Madhuri’s room to execute their plan. Niharika tells about her wish to Madhuri that she wants to wear her diamond necklace. Madhuri gets ready and brings out her jewellery boxes. She doesn’t find the diamond necklace and checks other boxes. She sees another necklace is also missing. Amitabh calls her careless. Tina tells Madhuri to remember when she opened her Cupboard last time. Niharika says Dipika may know about it. Madhuri recalls she sent Dipika and Diya to her room. Arjun questions Karan that where is Diya? He only kidnapped her. Karan replies how will he know about Arjun’s wife. Arjun says Karan took revenge of the income tax raid and for the humiliation he faced by the media. Media must have ruined his reputation in the newspaper. Karan laughs and shows him the newspaper. Arjun doesn’t find anything against Karan in that. Amitabh learns Madhuri sent Diya in her room. He calls Dipika and gets to know she left Diya alone with the jewels. He scolds Dipika for being careless as Diya took advantage of the situation and stole them. Madhuri says Diya can’t do this.

Arjun tells Karan that his father in law again saved him. Karan tells the inspector that there is no Proof against him. Arjun has been trying to ruined his reputation from so long. Now also he is trying to frame him. He is mentally unstable and drug addict. Arjun grabs Karan’s Collar and shouts at him. He tells inspector to search Karan’s house. Karan threatens the inspector saying he will lose his job. Inspector tells Arjun to leave the place as there is no proof against Karan. Karan laughs. Amitabh says because of Madhuri Diya got the scope to steal expensive jewels. He tells Dipika to call Diya. Dipika reveals Diya is missing. Her phone is also switched off. Amitabh says Diya eloped with the jewels and fooled them. Arjun asks the inspector why he didn’t search Karan’s house as Diya is there only. Inspector tells him to calm down and leaves saying he will try his best to find Diya.

Amitabh says people will make fun of them if they learn about Diya’s act. He would have called police if there was no puja. Kush supports Diya that she can’t do this. Madhuri says Diya must be in trouble as she misunderstood her earlier not anymore. She can’t be a thief. Kush learns Niharika went out with Tina. He gets suspicious. Niharika asks Tina if the person will agree. Tina says, of course he will tell a lie for her. Arjun searches for Diya. Shopkeeper gets surprised seeing Tina after a long time. He gets ready to help her immediately. Tina explains everything and gives Madhuri’s jewels to him.

Amitabh talks ill against Diya, and Arjun shuts him up saying how can he blame his daughter in law. Amitabh says they have proof against Diya that she stole Madhuri’s jewels. Arjun gets shocked to hear that.

Episode ends