Rishton Ka Manjha 27th September 2021 Written Update: Diya shows concern to Arjun


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Rishton ka manjha 27 sep

The episode starts with Madhuri entering Arjun’s room and he gets shocked. Madhuri says what a coincidence, Arjun didnt go anywhere today and he came back early yesterday as well. She tries to touch his head lovingly but he maintains distance from her so that she doesn’t get to know about his head injury. Madhuri says Arjun will have to go for shopping with Tina today, Arjun says he can’t, he wants some rest and Madhuri knows his choice so she can go with Tina. Madhuri says Arjun should not hurt Tina, he will wear the clothes she will choose for him. Arjun tells her that he wants to have some coffee and sends her from there. Arjun thinks Diya will be tensed for him as he couldn’t inform her yet how is he. Tension is not good for her before the match.

Guard asks Diya who is she and Diya says she is a reporter and she wants to take Arjun’s interview regarding marriage preparations and all. She clicks guard’s picture saying his photo will be printed in the front page of the newspaper. Diya says Sobha is her assistant so she will wait outside.

Deepika comes and asks Arjun about his injury. She says she couldn’t sleep all night because of stress. Arjun should not repeat this thing again. If family knows about it that she did the dressing of Arjun then they will scold her. Arjun tells her to relax as she is not like Niharika. Niharika and Tina enter. Tina asks Deepika did Arjun annoy him. She says she shortlisted some outfit for Arjun and he will try them all. Arjun refuses saying he wants to take rest, Deepika knows his choice and size both so she will choose something. Niharika tries to see his wound but Arjun tells her to stay away. Tina tells him he can’t escape today. He has to try the clothes. Tina takes the Saafa and tries to make Arjun wear it but Arjun gets scared thinking how will he wear it as he got head injury.

Diya says she should not enter Arjun’s house as his family will recognise her so she tells someone to call Arjun outside. Arjun learns that a lady reporter has come to take her interview but Tina says she will handle her as those journalists are always behind Arjun’s past so she won’t let them talk crap about him. Tina goes out to meet Diya and Diya gets shocked seeing her. She hides her face and Tina asks her which newspaper she is from. She adds she is would be wife of Arjun and she will give answers on behalf of him. She asks for Diya’s ID card.

Mohan says to Meera one locality guy saw Ajit was fighting with someone. He will question Sadhna about it. Sadhna arrives with Ajit and tells Mohan to question Ajit if he has some doubt. Ajit cooks up a story saying he was beating a thief who snatched someone’s phone. Arjun comes and acts like he met his friend after a long time. He calls Diya by another name. Arjun says he will give interview, Tina can leave. Tina says its strange that Arjun is excited to give interview for the first time. She leaves and Arjun and Diya look at each other. Ajit says he can’t stand if something wrong is happening. Mohan tells him that she just had a doubt but now its cleared. Ajit leaves and Sadhna thinks that just for money she is hiding the truth.

Arjun asks Diya whether she is missing the training that she came as a reporter. Diya asks him how he got to know that she is here. Arjun says he saw Sobha and guessed Diya is here too. Arjun scolds her for being careless. She could have come as Diya too. Whats the need of taking too much pressure. She should focus on the practice. Diya cries and Arjun says he is just making her understand. Diya says she was really worried for him as he shouted yesterday. Arjun says he dropped his phone thus he couldn’t inform her. Some people took revenge from him and he got hurt. Diya shows concern to him and goes to check his wound. Arjun says he is fine and he tells her to leave as anyone can see her in this look. Diya before leaving tells Arjun to take care and says when he will get time he will call her. Arjun looks at her.

Episode ends

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