Rishton Ka Manjha 29th November 2021 Written Update: Arjun proves Diya’s innocence


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The episode starts with Arjun saying this is the half truth not full. He says he wants Diya to tell the truth. Diya says the truth is she didn’t steal the jewels. She also doesn’t know the jewellery seller. Amitabh accuses her again saying she is just a liar. Arjun says if Diya doesn’t tell the truth then he will believe that the accusation is not false. Where did she go? Diya says he also believes that she can be a thief. Noone is giving her the scope to tell the truth. Diya reveals she got her friend Payal’s call yesterday night whose father’s condition was critical so she was looking for a bed in Kolkata. But she didn’t get any so she asked for Diya’s help.

Diya says she left without informing anyone, but she dropped a message in Arjun’s phone. Amitabh tells her to show the message. Diya says her phone is switched off. Amitabh says again she is lying to all. The message should be present in Arjun’s phone too. Arjun checks his phone and Niharika comes forward to see it. But she also doesn’t find the message. Kush comes and reboots the phone saying there might be a glitch so the message didn’t show up. After rebooting the message appears and everyone sees it.

Tina and Niharika get surprised and shocked. Diya says she went to the same hospital where her treatment happened so the doctor gave one bed to Payal’s father as well. They may ask in the hospital too. Arjun says but what about the jewels which got stolen if its not stolen by Diya then who stole them. He goes to the seller and tells him that he can understand the seller has to tell lies for high profile customers because of business purposes. Diya didn’t go to his store. Everyone gets to shocked to hear that. Arjun goes near Tina and says she is the high profile customer who told the seller to blame Diya. Amitabh asks Arjun Tina can’t do this, she supported Diya. Why is he accusing her. Arjun says he has proof against Tina and Niharika both.

Niharika helped Tina to execute the plan. He says he came back to house from the store and Diya was already considered as thief. Niharika gets scared. Arjun shows the video to everyone where Tina is giving the jewels to the seller. He asks Tina why she did that. She acted smart by accepting Diya and then by making such plans she wanted to get close to him again. Madhuri gets angry and lashes out at Tina saying she used to dislike her but during marriage she started to feel for her when she accepted Diya. She shared her emotions with Tina but Tina was just faking everything. Madhuri scolds Niharika for betraying them and the latter starts acting. Nihairka puts the blame on Tina saying she provoked her to plan against Diya.

Arjun Says Niharika’s tears seem fake. Arjun chants a Geeta sholka which states if a woman is not respected in a house God never bless that family. Arjun tells Amitabh that on one hand he is worshiping Ma Durga and on the other hand he is insulting Diya. How can he do that. Diya is also a woman who is trying her best to fit in his family but Amitabh is accusing her. He hurt her self respect. So he has to say sorry to her. Madhuri apologises to Diya for misunderstanding her. Arjun asks Amitabh to apologise to Diya.

Episode ends

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