Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd April 2022 Written Update: Arjun and Diya live happily ever after


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The episode starts with Diya falling unconscious. Arjun tells her to wake up. Doctor comes and Arjun worries for her. Doctor checks Diya and smiles. Arjun asks her what happened? Why is she smiling? Is Diya fine? Doctor gives the good news to everyone that Diya is pregnant and Arjun will become father soon. Everyone gets overjoyed hearing the news. Diya smiles at Arjun and he gets happy. Diya tells Madhuri that she wants to eat sweets right now. She is craving for that. She tells about Mithai who makes jalebis and wants to expand her business all over the world. Madhuri sees the video of Mithai and enjoys.

Diya looks for Arjun and comes downstairs. She sees all the decorations and the family dances for her on an entertaining song. Diya also dances and then Madhuri says they want to celebrate this happiness fully with her. She says she wants to perform the baby shower ritual now. Diya says but the news has just come why to perform rituals now. Dadi says but they want to do it to thank their ancestors. Amitabh says be it a girl child or a boy child but they will buy a lot of toys for her/him. Kush says baby will be so small so he/she can’t play with toys. Madhuri says Diya made their life so blissful and once upon a time they were not ready to accept her but now they think she is the best choice for Arjun.

Amitabh says he thought she married Arjun for money but in real she was their lucky charm. She did a lot for them. Diya asks everyone to bless her. Dipika says she will become a very good mother. Luv also blesses her saying she will always be happy in her life. Niharika says the baby should be drama queen like her. Arjun says he is waiting for the baby and he can’t wait to play with him as he is bored with Diya now. Diya teases him saying she will play with the baby and Arjun will stay at home. Arjun says now she changed her partner easily. Madhuri feeds sweet to Diya and Arjun asks why she is not feeding him. Madhuri feeds him. Amitabh says he forgot to invite Diya’s parents. Dadi says Arjun should take Diya to her maternal house to get her parents’ blessings.

Arjun gives a first gift to his child. he gives a racket. Kush says but how is he sure baby will be a badminton player. They are not sure about the gender too. Dadi says it will be tough for Diya to play badminton after being a mother. Arjun says she will have responsibilities but he will help her as well. She will play for sure and will reach heights. She is more talented than him so she has to play badminton. Amitabh assures Diya that the whole family will take care of her child. Madhuri performs her aarti and they all get delighted. The show ends with Arjun and Diya spending time happily.

Episode ends