Rishton ka Manjha Upcoming Story: Arjun to meet Diya at late night?


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ZeeTV new show Rishton Ka Manjha starrer Krushal Ahuja and Aanchal Goswami has come up with a fresh concept which basically focuses on a Bengali girl who loves to play badminton and thus she wants to follow her passion. Arjun who is also a famous badminton champion who got banned and now is frustrated with his life and his hatred towards Karan Mathur is also limitless. How Diya and Arjun’s paths will come across and how will they find the connection between them, will Diya help Arjun come out of depression? it will be interesting to watch.

Previously its shown how Diya promised him that she will get married to that person whom Mohan will choose for her. Later Niharika decided to inform Tina about Arjun buying shoes for Diya. Arjun waited for Diya in the morning and he scolded her for being five minutes late. Diya revealed she is quitting badminton which surprised Arjun. She said her father wants her to get married. Arjun told her to continue to play even after marriage. There Mohan selected a guy named Ajit for Diya. He went to call her but Meera realised Diya is not in the room. Diya came back on time and got ready to meet Ajit.

Meera said yes for the marriage on Diya’s behalf. Diya got her prize money and handed over it to her mother. There Arjun told Madhuri to donate the sports shoes which he bought for Diya. He wondered why Diya is losing hope so easily. He got to learn about Karan’s suspicion about Radu kaka and he decided to meet Diya again. He went to her house and knocked on her window. Diya was shocked to see him. She told him to leave before anyone sees them.

In upcoming episodes viewers will see that Arjun will not leave before talking to Diya. He will tell her to come out as he has something urgent to talk about. Arjun will lose his balance suddenly and Diya will hold his hand.

What does Arjun want?

Will Diya marry Ajit?

All questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in Rishton Ka Manjha stay tuned to this space and keep watching the show.