Rishton Ka Manjha Upcoming Story: Arjun to push Diya to register her name for the match?


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Zee TV show Rishton Ka Manjha will witness a shocking twist soon. Arjun got arrested because of Niharika and Luv who are now supporting Karan for their own benefit. will Diya and Arjun be able to play mixed doubles match after all this? that will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that, Kavita told Karan that they will wait for only four days, after that they will start their plan to stop Arjun from coming back to badminton world. There Niharika planned the theme of the party and thought Kush won’t go against them now. Luv cautioned her not to trust Kush.

Arjun selected a flat for his family and Diya brought Amitabh there. She gave courage to her family saying they will manage to stay in a small place. Arjun sold his car to pay the hospital bill and later he got a job of carrying heavy cartons.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Karan will ask Niharika and Luv to humiliate Arjun in the same manner like he got humiliated. Niharika will agree. Later Arjun will get arrested by the police as Niharika and Liv will file complaint against him. Arjun will confess that he went to bring his own stuffs from the mansion but he couldn’t find the money which belongs to him. Inspector will not trust him.

There Karan will be happy to know that Arjun will stay in lock up. Diya will hire a lawyer but the latter will lie by coming under pressure that Arjun is not innocent and there is proof against him. His bail application will be rejected and his car will be given back to him. Diya and Arjun will try to find a solution. Arjun will force Diya to register her name for the mixed doubles match before him.

How will Arjun come out of jail?

Will Diya prove Arjun innocent?

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