Rishton Ka Manjha Upcoming Story: Diya and Arjun to get nervous?


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Zee TV show Rishton Ka Manjha will witness a shocking twist soon. Arjun has decided to play with his left hand like an ambidextrous person. There Diya made a solid plan to trap Niharika and Luv. Will they finally defeat Karan? that will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that, Diya made a plan using a disputed land to get Niharika and Luv’s signatures. Arjun got bail after fighting his own case in the court hearing. He asked Niharika and Luv to show the source of the money that got stolen. He said that money belongs to him thus court should investigate about it properly. Diya got happy for Arjun and there Karan shouted at Niharika and Luv for making a stupid plan. Niharika got scared thinking she will go to jail. Kush provoked her against Luv and also told her about the fake deal. Niharika got ready to buy the land without Luv’s knowledge.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Diya will make Arjun the fake broker who will fool Niharika. Arjun will feel nervous but then he will act brilliantly to trap Niharika. Luv will suspect Niharika thinking she is hiding something from him. There Kavita will bring her partner Balwinder and Karan will decide to use him against Arjun on right time.

Diya will decide to put on an act with her family to teach lesson to Niharika and Luv. Kush and Niharika will go to see the land and Luv will decide to find out what they are hiding. There Arjun and Diya will do a blunder and will try to find a new get up for the act.

Will Diya fail?

Will Kush get caught?

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