Rishton Ka Manjha Upcoming Story: Tina to seek revenge from Diya and Arjun?


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Zee TV show Rishton Ka Manjha is showcasing how Diya’s innocence is proved finally after all the high voltage drama, Arjun shared how he helped Diya by saving Mohan and later he apologises to her for failing to understand her. Tina gets arrested and gets slapped by Diya. Will she avenge Arjun and Diya now? That will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that, Tina threatened Diya to not act like an oversmart person by contacting her mother else she will kill her father. Diya pleaded her to not harm Mohan. Diya argued with Agarwals and insulted them and Arjun decided to divorce her. Diya took stand for Dipika when the latter got insulted by Luv. Diya claimed alimony money after divorce from the Agarwals and Amitabh clearly denied to give her any kind of share of the property.

Amitabh even decided to bring Tina in Arjun’s life. There Karan thanked Tina for her brilliant planning. Diya failed to tell the truth to Arjun and he went missing as well. Arjun came back and exposed Tina in front of Agarwals. He said how she executed her plan to trap Diya. She kidnapped Diya’s father and tortured him. Pihu also gave statement against Tina and the latter warned Diya again.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Diya will slap Tina for her inhuman act. She will lash out at Tina for trying to separate her from Arjun. Arjun will reveal how Diya noted the Jamshedpur address where Mohan was held captive. He saved him. Tina will get arrested and Niharika will act innocent. Later Arjun will feel guilty for misunderstanding Diya. He will share a happy moment with her.

She will insist him to play badminton again as he never consumed drugs. Arjun will make golgappa chat for Diya and will feed her. He will learn that Dr Sen is no more. Diya will tell him that they have to find the papers from the camp tonight as Karan has to get punished. Tina will grow vengeful saying she will destroy Diya and Arjun both.

How will Tina come out of jail?

Will Diya and Arjun get the papers from camp?

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