Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 10th March 2022 Written Update: Gehna reaches the court to save Surya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 10th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with the police brings Surya to the court. He asks his family about Dada and Dadi. Suhani tells him that Dadi is not well so they are staying in the house. He asks Sarika that why she is crying. She asks him to return home safely. Sikandar tells her that nothing wrong will happen with Surya and Gehna is there to get him out of the jail. He says that he planned to throw a party to celebrate Surya’s release. Surya says that he could not contact Gehna. Suhani tells him that Gehna will reach the court soon.

Meanwhile, Arjun tells his men to arrange everything for party because Sikandar wants to celebrate Surya ending up in jail permanently. He says that Dada and Dadi should not leave the house. He learns that Gehna is alive and he informs about it to Sikandar. He says that Gehna left Suraj to reach the court.

On the other hand, Hema asks Kanak that if the latter is sure that Gehna can’t reach the court. Kanak tells him that Sikandar wants to send Surya to jail but Gehna want to save Surya so Sikandar won’t let her reach the court. Sikandar tells Arjun that Gehna keep escaping from death. He asks him to catch her alive because he want to kill her.

Gehna’s car gets punctured. Praful asks her to not get nervous. She notices Sikandar’s men and she informs about it to Praful. He asks her that how they are going to reach the court now. They escapes from there.

Surya waits for Gehna in the court. Sikandar thinks that Gehna should not reach the court no matter what. Court hearing begins. Lawyer tells Judge that Surya is responsible for Anant’s death and he submits proof to prove his claims. Judge asks about Surya’s lawyer. Sikandar informs him that she will reach the court soon.

Sikandar’s mens catches Gehna. She fights with them. They tries to attack her but public helps her. Sikandar’s mens runs from there. Judge asks Surya that if the latter want to hire another lawyer. Surya tells him that he won’t change his lawyer. Judge is about to give verdict but Gehna stops him from giving verdict. She tells him that Surya didn’t murder Anant and she can prove that. Sikandar and Suhani gets shocked seeing Gehna in the court. Praful enters the court and looks at Gehna.

Surya scolds Gehna for leaving the house alone by risking her life. She tells him that something would have happened to him if she didn’t leave the house then. She tells Judge that she is lawyer of her client Surya. She says that her client’s name is Surya not Kabir and she can prove that. She submits Surya’s College magazine and his driving licence to Judge. She calls Suhani to the witness box. She asks her and Surya’s relationship. Suhani tells her that she is his mother. Gehna questions her about Surya and Kabir.

Episode ends.

Precap – Police arrests Sikandar and he helds Gehna at gun point.

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