Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 11th June 2021 Written Update: Krishna decides to stay in Desai mansion


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 11th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Krishna asks Gehna about Tiya to know that who talked about Gehna that day. She tells him that she already told time more than twice about her family then why he is keep asking about them. He tells her that something is fishy definitely and someone wants bad to happen with her. She says to him that after writing a lot of drama, for him real life too looks like drama that’s why he is behaving like this.

She tells him that her family is really good and they loves her so much and asks him to stop talking nonsense. He thinks that he is right definitely. He teases her saying that Anant is not her type. She tells him that she won’t hear a word against Anant.

Hema says to Chetan that Krishna is just a stranger so they should not trust him. Chetan says to her that she don’t have any rights to talk about trust and he don’t even trust her then leaves from there. She gets annoyed and talks to herself saying that everything happening because of Gehna and plans to do something against her. She asks Gehna to do cooking and leaves from there.

Anant thinks that why Gehna didn’t come to study yet and goes to kitchen. He notices that everyone standing outside kitchen and shocks noticing the talkative Gehna. Krishna and Gehna talks about movies and their childhood memories. Gehna talks about his dream. He tells her that he fulfilled his dream and talks about her dream which is driving bike. Hema gets irritated hearing their conversation. Gehna notices that everyone standing there.

Paresh asks Gehna that does she really know to speak and teases her. Praful agrees with him. Gehna tells them that it’s not her but Krishna who talks a lot. Krishna makes fun of Gehna. Hema tells Paresh that they should not disturb the friends. Praful asks Gehna to not forget to cook. Others leaves from there except Anant. Anant tells Gehna to finish the cooking fast, after that she need to study. Krishna tells him to cancel today’s schedule. Anant leaves from there.

Gehna tells Krishna that because of cold she is not able to smell anything. Anant realises that gas smell coming from kitchen and runs to kitchen. Small blast happens and Anant rescuse Gehna. Krishna shocks seeing everything. Tiya comes there and helps Krishna. Everyone gets relieved. Krishna gets mesmerized seeing Tiya.

Tiya goes to Gehna and hugs her then asks if she is fine. Anant asks Krishna that if he is fine. Krishna stares Tiya and tells him that he is really fine now. Jamuna comes there and asks them to open the windows. Gehna asks her to not worry saying that nothing big happened. Hema gets upset and thinks that today also Gehna escaped.

Krishna thinks that to know about gas cylinder accident he need to stay in Desai mansion. He praises Desai family’s bond to Praful. He makes Gehna sit beside him and is about to feed her. Anant tells him that that’s not Gehna’s chair. Gehna goes to Anant. Krishna makes Hema sit beside him. Jamuna does not like his behaviour. Paresh asks Krishna to stay in Desai mansion. Jamuna glares Paresh. Krishna agrees to stay in Desai mansion.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anant asks Gehna to not fear about anything.

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