Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 11th March 2022 Written Update: Surya gets justice


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 11th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode Gehna asks Suhani what is her relationship with Surya. Suhani says that he is her son. She shows her a mangazin and asks her if this Surya’s photo. She says yes. Gehna tells the judge that this proves that Surya is not Kabir and that Kabir has killed Anant and not Surya. The lawyer asks Gehna then who is Kabir. Gehna says that the real Kabir is present in this court.

She is about to tell everyone that the real Kabir is Sikander but Suriya stops her and says that he has killed Anant. Gehna is shocked to hear this. Here Jamuna is praying for Gehna. Kanak says that soon Gehna will also leave this world. She also turns on the fan so that the lamp lit in the temple is extinguished. Next the lamp gets extinguished. Jamuna scolds Hema and Kanak for turning on the fan.

Mr Shah tells the judge that now it has been proved that Surya is the culprit so now they should punish him. While Gehna asks them to give one more chance. The judge says okay. She calls Sikandar. She then plays a video in court. In which Sikander’s face is not visible. While Gehna says that she can prove that this voice is of Sikandar. She asks Sikandar where he was on number 14.

He says that he was in Goa with his family. She then asks Surya where he was. Sikandar says that Surya was in Surat. Gehna says she has asked a question to Surya so why is he answering. Sikandar says because he knows where Surya was at that time. Here Hema tells Kanak that Gehna has reached the court and nothing has happened to her. Kanak gets shocked hearing this. She wonders how this can happen.

Here Gehna proves that Sikander’s voice is matching with the video. The judge says that Gehna has proved that Sikandar had contracted with Anant. Suhani says that her son cannot do this. The judge asks her to keep calm. He adds that since all the evidence is against Sikander, it is proved that Sikander is the culprit. He acquits Surya and sentences Sikandar to life imprisonment.

Further Gehna remembers Anant and says that she has got him justice. Suhani says that she will not leave Gehna. The lady inspector catches her. Gehna says that she is feeling so much grief for her son but whose her son has killed was also someone’s son whom his family has lost. Next, Sikandar is about to shoot Gehna with a gun but Surya stops him.

Precap: Gehna is waiting for Surya’s call. Then Surya comes to her house to meet her.

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