Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 16th June 2022 Written Update: Surya decides to leave the house with Suhani


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 16th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Surya tells Gehna that Urmila is not his mother. Gehna asks him to control his anger because Urmila gave a birth to him. He tells her that Urmila did nothing except giving a birth to him. She tells him that Urmila did not had any other choice than leaving him. He says that Urmila never tried to know that he is alive or not. He questions Urmila that why she was not with him when he was a child. He asks her that if she can answer his questions. Urmila gets shattered hearing him.

Gehna says that Surya is not wrong but Urmila is right too. She asks him that if he thinks that Urmila tears are fake. He nods at her and says that the biggest lie is Urmila is his mother. He adds that Suhani did his upbringing and she is his mother till he dies. He hugs Suhani and says that she was with him from him childhood to till now so it does not matter that who gave a birth to him. Urmila cries hearing him. Gehna tells Surya that she want to talk to him alone but he refuses. Suhani thanks Surya and hugs him.

Gopi asks Gehna to tell Surya that Suhani tried to kill her in the cold storage. Gehna tells her that no use of that because Surya won’t believe that. She says that Surya has to change by himself. Suhani tells Urmila that the latter can’t snatch Surya from her. She says that Urmila and Virendra betrayed her but Surya won’t betray her at any cost. She adds that Surya won’t leave her. Surya agrees with her. Urmila requests Surya to give a chance to explain. But he remains silent.

Suhani tells Urmila that the latter won’t get any chance and asks her to leave the house. Gehna stops her. Suhani tells her that she will throw her out of the house too. Dada asks them to stop it and says that he want to show something and goes inside. He brings Virendra’s will. Gehna reads it and says that Virendra transferred half of his properties on Urmila and Surya’s name. She adds that Urmila has rights on this house like Suhani so no one can throw Urmila out of the house. Sikandar reads the will and tears it. He says that he won’t agree with this will.

Suhani says that Urmila snatched her husband and ruined her life so she won’t stay in this house if Urmila will stay in this house then. She asks Surya to decide. Surya says that Urmila can live in this house as per Virendra’s will but she won’t get son. He adds that he can’t see Suhani dying daily so he is leaving the house with her. Suhani dreams of living as poor.

Sikandar tells Surya that Suhani won’t go anywhere and suffer. He says that he will go to court because Urmila don’t have any rights in his properties. And if he can’t win then partition will happen. Gehna says that they will win the case and partition will happen for sure. Kaddu asks them to stop it. She tells Dada that she will take decision for this family from now on. She adds that no one should leave the house. She divides the house into two parts.

Episode ends.

Precap – Surya tells Gehna that he can live without her too.

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