Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 18th June 2021 Written Update: Hema accuses Krishna


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 18th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anant hallucinates Krishna and asks him that what is he doing there and realises that Gehna is not there then asks him about Gehna. She winces in pain when he hurts her nose assuming her as Krishna. He asks her that where Krishna went now and takes the stick to beat him and tells Gehna that he won’t leave him because Krishna keep coming between him and Gehna. She tells him that Krishna is not there and she can just see him but she can see many Anant in this room. He drops the stick and asks her that how many Anant’s she is seeing. She starts counting and tells him that she will catch him and moves towards her hallucinations.

He tells her that he is not there and she is moving towards wrong directions. She hits her hand on the table while catching him. He gets worried and brings blaster for her and goes to mirror and puts it on the mirror. She winces in pain and he blows to reduce the pain. She asks him that what is he seeing in the mirror when she is beside him. He holds her and tells her that he likes her and she is like fairy for him. She asks him that then why don’t he love her.

On the other hand, Jamuna scolds Hema and tells her to think before speaking nonsense and how can the latter think that Krishna and Gehna must be in the same room. Hema thinks that her plan flopped and everyone scolding her too. Hiral asks them to think that why Anant and Gehna are in drunken state. Kanak finds those cake bowls and tells Jamuna that it smells like chemical. Paresh asks them that who brought drug there. Hema thinks that Chetan will throw her out of the house if he get to know the truth then and she has to become Gehna no.2.

Anant tells Gehna that he don’t love her because there is horn in her head and starts laughing at her. She laughs at him saying that there is horn in his head too. They hifi with each other and falls on the bed.

Paresh tells his family that someone deliberately spiked Gehna and Anant’s cake. Tiya tells them that last time Sagar did like this but who did today. Hema puts the blame on Krishna and shows drug powder to them saying that she found it in Krishna’s bag. Krishna realises that Hema is behind all this and tells Desai family that he only had in his bag because he need that to use in his play. He asks Hema that how she knows that he has this drug powder in his bag. Jamuna asks her that why she took Krishna’s bag in the first place. Hema tells her that she thought she will find anything to eat that’s why and apologize to Krishna. Jamuna apologize Krishna on behalf of Hema.

Next day, Anant says to Gehna that his head paining a lot. She tells him that he talked about fairy yesterday but she don’t remember anything else. He asks her to get ready and meet him in the terrace and he will explain her about “bungee jumping”.Hema overhears their conversation and plans to do something.

Later, Anant makes Gehna stand in front of him and holds her hands. Hema tells Kanak that she did something against Gehna. Kanak asks her that what the latter did. But Hema leaves from there without saying anything. Anant asks Gehna to feel the air without worrying about anything and Hema pulls the rope she tied there so Anant and Gehna falls down.

Episode ends

Precap – Kanak reveals her revenge plan to Jigna and executes her plan with Sagar.

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