Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 1st July 2022 Written Update: Riddhima challenges Gehna


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 1st July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Riddhima tells Surya that he still seems sleepy so he should sleep. Surya tells her that he is fine. She says that Gehna is his wife but she don’t care about him at all. He asks her that what she knows about his and Gehna’s relationship to comment like this. She apologizes to him. She asks him that if he wants tea. Gehna brings tea for Surya and says that she is there to take care of Surya. Riddhima says that she just wanted to help. Gehna tells her that they don’t let their guests do work.

Riddhima asks Surya that if he can drop her in the market. Gehna tells her that she is going that way only so she can drop her. Riddhima nods at her and goes to take her purse. Gehna tries to talk to Surya. But he interrupts and says that if she want to talk about them then they can do.

And if she want to talk about Urmila then he is not interested. She remains silent. He says that he understood and leaves from there. Gehna calls Agastya and tells him that she will meet him in his house. Riddhima hears that and murmurs to herself that Gehna is not leaving Agastya too.

Sarika tells Suhani that she can’t face more insults. She asks her share from Suhani so she can live with Arjun after his release. Suhani slaps Sarika. Sakuni asks them to not fight and they can handle Gehna. Meanwhile, Gehna tells Riddhima to return to her house because no one can come in between her and Surya. Riddhima tells her that she won’t back off. She challenges her.

Agastya talks to Gehna’s photo. He says that she should stay with him to know about his love and Surya’s betrayal. Gehna comes there and he hides her photo. He tells her that he is going to start his legal firm and he wants her to join as partner. He asks her to think about his offer. She nods at him and she asks him to find out that how Sikandar released from jail.

Sikandar questions Shreya. She yells at him. Agastya informs Gehna that Arjun took all the blame on himself and Suhani met Arjun before his confession. Sikandar throws Shreya out of the house. But Gehna and Surya supports Shreya. Sikandar asks Surya to not interfere in his personal matters. He says that he won’t tolerate betrayal. Gehna asks him that what Shreya did. Suhani asks Sikandar to solve the problem in his room.

Sikandar says that he won’t let Shreya live in his house. Surya says that this house belongs to everyone. Urmila says that Shreya can live in their side. Gehna agrees with her. Shreya goes to Gehna’s side. Later, Suhani scolds Sikandar for not controlling his anger. She says that they can’t let Surya join Gehna’s side. Gehna consoles Shreya.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarika tells Suhani that Arjun going to die because of the latter. Sikandar says that everything is lie. Sarika tells him that he traped Arjun. He tries to slap her but Gehna stops him.

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