Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 21st March 2022 Written Update: Suhani insults Gehna


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 21st March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna sleeps beside Surya. He hugs her while sleeping. Then he wakes up and notices Gehna and asks her to get up from his bed. She screams to scare him and acts like sleeping. He leaves the room. She gets up and says that she will bring out his love.

Next day, Suhani taunts Gehna saying that Surya didn’t sleep with her. Gehna tells her that instead of throwing her out of the room he left the room but soon he will sleep with her. Suhani laughs at her. She asks her to win Surya’s trust first if she can then. Gehna says that if Suhani trusted Surya then she would not have fixed camera in his room. Suhani says to Gehna that she didn’t expose her because she knows that Surya won’t believe her.

Gehna says that she is not understanding that how Suhani can differentiate between her children. Suhani tells her that she need not to learn from her that how she should treat her children. Gehna says that Surya is her husband so she can’t stay silent. Suhani tells her that the latter is just a maid for Surya. Gehna tells her that she will become Surya’s queen for sure.

After some time, Surya gives new laptop to Suhani. She throws it on the bed and says that she don’t want it. He says that he just wanted to bring smile on her face. She tells him that they brought Gehna to their house to torture her but Gehna torturing them. She says that Gehna destroyed her laptop so she should have brought new laptop. He asks her to calm down and says that Gehna will pay for her deeds and leaves the room.

Surya removes Gehna’s bangles saying that she has to pay for the new laptop. She tells him that Jamuna gave these bangles to her. He says that he don’t care and breaks her other bangles while removing the golden bangles. He feels bad seeing her crying but leaves the kitchen. Suhani comes there and asks Gehna to finish the chores.

Gehna cleans the house. Dada and Dadi says that Surya is lucky to get a wife like Gehna. Suhani tells them that Gehna is maid for her and Surya. She insults Gehna. Jamuna, Praful and Kanak comes there and sees Gehna doing household chores. Kanak says that she remembered the old Gehna seeing this Gehna. She asks Gehna that if everything is fine between her and Surya. Gehna says that she can’t tolerate dirt that’s why she is cleaning the house.

Jamuna asks Gehna about her bangles. Gehna says that Surya kept them safe because she hurted her hands while unpacking. She asks Surya to return her bangles. He brings her bangles. She makes him wear it on her hands. She goes to the kitchen to make tea for everyone. Surya scolds her for playing games with him. He hugs her seeing Jamuna and leaves the kitchen. Jamuna asks Gehna that why the latter seems tensed. Gehna lies to her that everything is fine.

Episode ends.

Precap – Praful gives goa honeymoon package to Gehna. Surya asks him to cancel it and book for Europe trip.

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