Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Surya argues with Sikandar for Gehna


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna says that she just took money from the locker to give it to Suhani. She adds that she did not steal anything. Suhani tells her that the latter had locker key and now the locker is empty which proves that the latter stole everything. She asks her to accept that the latter stole it.

Surya says that Gehna can’t do something like this. Jeweller comes there and gives Gehna’s earring to her. Urmila says that this earring only Gehna lost today. Gehna thanks the jeweller and asks him that where he found it. He tells her that he is coming from the jewellery shop which she visited earlier. Everyone gets shocked hearing him.

Sarika says that now it’s confirm that Gehna only stole everything. She tells Surya that he should not trust Gehna. Gehna asks them that how can they trust jeweller over her. She asks jeweller that when she visited his shop. She tells him to accept that he lied.

Suhani asks her that why the latter want to hide that she visited jewellery shop. Sikandar says that now he is sure that jeweller has all the jewels. Surya defends Gehna. Gehna asks jeweller that why the latter lying. She tells Surya that she don’t know this jeweller. She asks him to trust her. Dada and Dadi says that they trust Gehna.

Surya asks jeweller to leave from there. Sikandar stops him and asks him to not try to save his theif wife. Surya tells him that Gehna is not a theif. He warns him to not call Gehna as theif. Sikandar tells him that truth is in front of him still he don’t want to see it. Surya says that he knows Gehna and he is sure that Gehna did not steal anything.

Suhani asks them to stop fighting. She says that Kaddu bua will take the decision. Gehna asks them that if they don’t trust her. She adds that what they will do if she proved innocent then. Kaddu bua says that everyone has to apologize to Gehna. Sikandar agrees with her.

Seth family reaches the jewellery shop. Shop owner talks to Gehna like he knows her very well. Gehna says that she is coming here first time. He reminds her that she came to keep her jewels in the locker. She says that he is lying and first time she is seeing him. Jeweller brings the registration book and shows Gehna’s signature. Surya asks Gehna that what the latter’s signature doing there. Shop owner says that seems like there is a problem. Sarika tells him everything. Urmila says that it’s a trap.

Surya notices the CCTV camera and asks shop owner to show the footage. Shop owner tells him that that’s not CCTV camera. He calls Security guard and asks him to tell that when Gehna came. Security guard says that Gehna came today. Sikandar tells Kaddu bua that they should open the locker. Shop owner says that Gehna has the key. Kaddu bua asks him to break the locker.

After some time, Gehna tells Urmila that Suhani must have duplicate key and they have to find that to prove her innocence. She calls Dada and asks him to find the duplicate key of locker. She searches Suhani’s purse. Dada calls Gehna and tells her that duplicate key is not in the house. Surya tells Gehna that he is with her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gehna says that she did not steal anything. Suhani tells her that proofs are against the latter. She asks Kaddu to take a decision. Kaddu says that Gehna has to leave the house as punishment.

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