Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 24th February 2022 Written Update: Suhani apologizes to Kamya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 24th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sikandar tells Suhani that Kabir used to follow his instructions blindly but now he has no idea about his whereabouts. She tells him that they has to do something. He tells her that Kabir loves him so much so he will return soon. Kabir calls Sikandar and informs him that he is fine. Sikandar asks him to return home. Kabir tells him that he can’t leave Kamya alone. Sikandar asks him to bring Kamya with him and he will talk to Suhani. Kabir thanks him and disconnects the call. Sikandar tells Suhani that Kamya will learn that who killed Anant.

Kamya refuses to return to Kabir’s home. He tells her that he won’t even hesitate to kidnap her because her safety matters for him. She tells him that those goons are Anant’s murderers. He asks that why they killed Anant. She decides to not tell him about drugs. He tells her that he will help her to find Anant’s murderer. She tells him that she don’t need bodyguard so he should stop chasing her. He ties her and goes downstairs. He tells Driver that he is not returning home now so he can leave.

Kamya notices a logo on the car and she realises that she saw the same logo in that drug bag also. She thinks that there could be some connection between Kabir’s family and Anant’s murderers. She comes downstairs and tells Kabir that she is ready to go his home. He tells her that she could not resist his charm. She asks him about the logo. He tells her about NGO and also how Sikandar and Suhani helps needy people. Their car tyre gets punctured. She wonders that if Kabir is connected in all this or not. He asks her that what is she thinking about. He says that he loves her so her life is sorted. She tells him that it’s messed up.

She asks him to find out that how long they has to wait. He says that she is such a unromantic person. She thinks that he is mad and irritating too but he is not a bad person. She tells herself that nothing is important for her than her goal. Someone calls Kabir as Surya. Kabir tells him that he is Surya. Sanjay asks him that how can the latter forget his collect friend. Kamya defends Kabir. They leaves from there. She thinks about the parcel which Sarika received on Surya’s name. They returns home.

Sikandar welcomes them. He tells Kamya that she is lucky because Kabir takes cares of her. Dimpy scolds Kabir for not caring about her. Suhani apologizes to Kamya for her behaviour towards her. She says that she is going to make Kabir’s favorite dish. Sikandar gives new mobile to Kabir. He looks at Kamya and thinks that he trapped her. He pretends to call someone and takes Gehna’s name.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sikandar asks Kamya that if she is related to Gehna.

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