Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 25th March 2022 Written Update: The seths leave for family trip


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 25th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna washes the utensils. Kanak comes there and tells her that she is feeling bad seeing her like this. She says that Praful and Jamuna can’t handle it if they gets to know this truth then. Gehna asks her that what she wants to hide this truth from Praful and Jamuna. Kanak asks her to give the diamond necklace which Surya gifted her. Gehna agrees to give the diamond necklace to her and goes to get it. Kanak tells herself that she won’t spoil her game by revealing the truth to Praful and Jamuna. After some time, Kanak hides the diamond necklace after seeing Suhani.

Suhani asks Kanak about her plan. Kanak tells her that she can sense that the latter is afraid that Surya may reconcile with Gehna. But she will make sure that, that never happens. Suhani tells her that she don’t care that what the latter thinks but she wants Sikandar to get out of jail and Gehna to stay away from Surya. Kanak demands luxurious car. Suhani agrees it to arrange it. Kanak tells her that she will turn this family trip into torture trip.

Later, Surya says that Gehna will put their luggages in the bus. Sarika is about to help Gehna but Arjun takes her to the bus. Dada and Dadi takes their luggage to the bus. Gehna takes the remaining luggages to the bus. Suhani asks her to bring the cosmetic box safely. Gehna drops it deliberately. Suhani scolds her. She tells Arjun and Sarika to take their luggage to the bus. Surya tells Gehna that he knows that she is doing all this deliberately. She tells him that he broke his promise so she will work according to her wish.

Dadi forces Surya to sit beside Gehna. Kanak gives Gehna’s purse to her. She tells her that something fell from her purse. Surya gets shocked seeing Anant’s picture. Suhani scolds Gehna for keeping Anant’s picture with her still. Surya goes and sits on another seat. Gehna thinks that they can try how much they wants to stop her but she will achieve her goal. Dadi tells something to Gehna and asks her to give snacks to Surya. Gehna convinces Surya to eat snacks. He asks for water saying that it’s spicy. She gives her water bottle to him saying that she didn’t mix any poison. She falls on him when the Driver put brake.

Surya asks Gehna to not use these kind of cheap tricks on him because he is not Anant. Suhani asks Gehna to stop doing all this with Surya. Gehna tells her that she is Surya’s wife and she has rights on him. Dadi suggests to play antakshari. Dada forces Surya to sit beside Gehna. They plays antakshari. Then Dadi suggests to play staring contest. Surya denies to play it but Gehna convinces him to play by challenging him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Surya denies to share a room with Gehna. He tells her to cook for everyone.

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