Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 28th June 2022 Written Update: Sakuni brings Riddhima to Seth mansion


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 28th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Surya thanks Agastya. Agastya tells him that Gehna is his friend and he can do atleast this much for her. He asks him to not worry about Gehna because he is with her. Surya leaves from there. Gehna wakes up and searches Surya. She asks Agastya that if Surya came. Agastya tells her that she must have dreamt about Surya.

She tells him that she felt Surya’s presence and it was not her dream. He tells her that Surya did not come. She says that Surya is here only and searches him in the house. He asks her to calm down. She asks him that where is Surya and gets panicked. He gives water to her and asks her to not panick. She tells him that she is feeling like someone separating her from Surya.

Meanwhile, Sakuni and Riddhima reaches Seth mansion. Agastya tells Gehna that nothing like that will happen. Gehna tells him that she is scared. She adds that she don’t want to lose Surya.

Suhani gets happy seeing Sakuni and hugs her. Sakuni introduces Riddhima to Suhani. Sikandar greets Sakuni. She compliments his body. She asks him to find a fit guy for her. Suhani tells her that she will find a guy for her after handling Surya. Sakuni asks her to not worry. Suhani tells Sarika to show guest room to Riddhima. Sarika takes Riddhima to guest room. Sakuni asks Suhani to find a rich guy for her.

Suhani asks her about Riddhima and if Riddhima can do their job. Sakuni tells her that Riddhima is her old driver’s daughter and she is poor but educated and can do their job. Suhani tells her that she just wants Riddhima to lure Surya. Sakuni notices Urmila and decides to teach a lesson to her and moves towards her. Suhani stops her and informs her about partition.

Gehna washes the utensils. She tells Agastya that she want to talk to Surya. She adds that she is sure that something wrong happening. Agastya notices Surya’s wallet and thinks that if Gehna saw this then she will get to know that Surya came.

Meanwhile, Surya gets drenched in the rain and drinks alcohol. Gehna calls Surya but no response from other side. She wonders that why Surya is not picking the call. Agastya tells her that Surya must have slept. He hides Surya’s wallet. He asks Gehna to sleep and leaves from there.

Riddhima eats a lot. Suhani and Sakuni tells Riddhima about Surya. Riddhima asks them to not worry about anything. They hears car horn sound and switch off the lights. Agastya enters the house. Riddhima hugs him saying that she is afraid of darkness.

She asks him to take her to her room. She lies to him that she sprained her leg. He picks her and takes her to her room. She thinks that it was easy to lure Surya. He keeps Surya’s wallet on the table and leaves from there. Suhani and Sakuni comes to Riddhima’s room. Suhani notices Surya’s wallet and tells Riddhima to continue her job.

Gehna lies to Sikandar’s staff that she came to get Sikandar’s interview. She learns that Sikandar is not in his cabin. She sneaks into Sikandar’s cabin and finds jeweller’s visiting card there. Sikandar’s staff informs Sikandar that journalist came to get his interview. Someone holds Gehna’s shoulder.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gehna tells Surya that Urmila gave birth to him and she needs his love. She pleads him to accept Urmila. Surya tells her that he has mother already and he can’t give that place to someone else. Suhani overhears their conversation and smiles.

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