Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 30th June 2022 Written Update: Gehna refuses to reconcile with Surya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 30th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna tells Suhani that they found duplicate key of locker from Sikandar’s cabin. Surya says that it proves that Sikandar is the culprit not Gehna so Sikandar has to leave the house. Suhani asks him that if he will throw Sikandar out of the house for Gehna.

Surya says that Sikandar deserves punishment. She tells him that this proof is fake. He tells her that he brought this proof. He says that Sikandar won’t change so he should leave the house. He asks her to take her time but he wants justice and leaves from there.

Gehna taunts Suhani and asks her to pack Sikandar’s luggage. Dada, Dadi and Urmila gets happy seeing Gehna. Surya tries to remove the partition line but Gehna stops him saying that it’s not the right time for this. Sarika tells Suhani that Gehna already returned. Riddhima says that if this is Surya then whom helped her yesterday. Suhani asks her that if the latter don’t know who is Surya. She scolds her and asks her to leave.

Sikandar asks Gehna that who is she to throw him out of his house. Surya pushes him and he warns him. Sikandar says that he won’t give respect to theif. Surya tells him that Gehna is not a theif. Gehna says that Surya found duplicate key of locker from the car. Surya gets shocked hearing her and asks her that what is she saying. She tells him that they should move on forgetting this matter. Dadi takes Gehna inside.

After some time, Surya asks Gehna that why she did not let him expose Sikandar. She tells him that she want to lead a normal life with him and she is tired of all this. He tells her that Sikandar won’t change. She tells him that they should show the right path to Sikandar. She says that she wants his support to win this battle. He leaves from there without saying anything.

Suhani asks Sikandar to calm down. She says that they should throw Gehna out of the house at any cost. He wonders that how Gehna found the key. They notices Shreya eavesdropping them. Agastya meets Surya and learns that they proved Gehna’s innocence. He tells him that the latter is lucky to get Gehna as his wife. Riddhima sees Agastya with Gehna and Surya. She thinks that she has to reunite Surya and Gehna so she can unite with Agastya.

Surya apologizes to Gehna for his mistakes. She tells him that she loves him so much. He tells her that he can’t live without her and hugs her. He says that they should cancel their divorce. He asks her to return to their bed room.

She tells him that he has to accept Urmila who gave birth to him. He tells her that Suhani is his mother and he can’t give Suhani’s place to someone else. She says that they can’t stay together if he can’t accept Urmila then which angers him. Suhani overhears their conversation and smiles. Later, Urmila warns Gehna about Riddhima. Gehna tells her that she trust Surya and their love.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarika tells Suhani that the latter put all the blame on Arjun to save Sikandar. She lashes out at Sikandar so the latter tries to slap her but Gehna stops him.

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