Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 5th August 2021 Written Update: Pankaj rejects Kanak’s offer


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 5th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Jamuna tells her family that she never thought she will witness this day too. Praful too cries and Gehna tries to move towards him but Jamuna stops her and accuses her saying that he is crying now because of the latter. Chetan tells Gehna that she destroyed everyone’s future. Hema tells him that they can go to her father’s house to stay because they don’t have any other choice. Anant tells her that they can stay in his friend’s house for now and no one stays there. Praful tells them that he won’t go anywhere.

Kanak eats pizza to celebrate her happiness and Gehna knocks the door and when Kanak opened it and Gehna enters the house and takes pillow and blanket. Kanak asks her that what the latter doing and the latter ignores her so she is about to slap her but the latter holds her hand and tells her that she won’t tolerate her nonsense anymore and she is really stupid that she believed her and she did mistake but she won’t let her family suffer because of her and leaves from there.

Hema mocks Gehna. Gehna tries to make tent but hurts her hand so Anant and others helps her. And Kanak witnesses that from upstairs. Gehna promises to her family she will take them to Desai mansion again and she knows that God won’t let them suffer.

Later, Gehna recalls the moments she shared with Desai’s in Desai mansion and cries. Anant notices her and recalls that how Gehna told him that she won’t let anyone come in between them because their bond is more strong now and moves from there.

Next day, Gehna wakes up and wonders that from where this bad smell coming and everyone shocks seeing the dirt. Kanak reveals that she is responsible for that. Pankaj scolds her for that and she mocks him. Anant asks her to stop it and she reminds him that it’s them who throw her out of the house like a dirt and that day she decided to take revenge from them and that’s what she is doing now and they need to suffer now. He tells her that time will tell that who is going to suffer. She asks him to say dialogues later and reminds him that they has maid to clean the dirt.

She tells Pankaj that if he apologizes to her that she will let him enter the house. Pankaj refuses the offer saying that he is happy with his family. Jamuna stops others from cleaning the dirt saying that Gehna need to do that. Kanak goes inside. Neighbours asks Praful that what happened to them. Paresh tells them that pest control work going on inside the house that’s why they are staying outside.

Hema scolds both Gehna and Anant. Praful feels sick. Jamuna asks Kanak to give Praful’s medicines. Kanak asks her to clean her slipper if the latter wants medicines then. Everyone shocks hearing her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Praful tells Kanak that he won’t leave his house no matter what.

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