Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 6th July 2022 Written Update: Shreya slaps Sikandar


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 6th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kartick asks about partition line. Gehna tells him that they are playing game. Sikandar tells Kartick that the latter need not to follow game rules and can go wherever he wants. He offers chocolates to him. Kartick says that he don’t want chocolates and he takes Shreya inside.

Sikandar blames Gehna for Kartick’s behaviour. Gehna tells him that kids don’t need any influence. He tells her that she can’t separate him from Kartick. He says that he will get Kartick’s custody through court. She tells him that he can win Kartick with love and honesty only. She takes others inside to cut the cake. Surya asks Sikandar to at least become good father.

After some time, Shreya gets happy seeing Kartick playing with Surya. She says that Surya is Kartick’s favourite since childhood. She tells Gehna that Surya has the good qualities of being a father and the latter is lucky to get him as her husband. She calls Kartick to have food. Kartick says that he don’t want plain paratha. Gehna applies jam on the paratha and gives roll to Kartick.

Surya stares Gehna. Sakuni asks him to pass the curd. She tells him that he is getting late for office. Surya tells her that he want to have fun with Kartick so he took off from office. Gehna says that she is getting late for office. Kartick asks her to play with them. She tells him that she has to go and leaves from there. Suhani tells Sikandar that everything will be fine. Riddhima tells them that Shreya and Kartick going to park.

Gehna asks Agastya about RTI approval. She says that if their plan gets successful then it’s possible to get Arjun out. Agastya tells her that if they proved Arjun’s innocence then Sikandar will become culprit. And Sikandar will be charged twice for blaming someone else for his deeds. She tells him that they will make Sikandar judiciary witness and will seek Sikandar’s freedom from the court. She says that Sikandar won’t like to get arrested in front of Kartick so they can convince him.

In the park, Kartick plays with his friends. Shreya moves aside to pick Gehna’s call. Sikandar kidnaps Kartick. Shreya learns that Kartick is missing and she informs about it to Gehna.

Kartick cries saying that he want to go to Shreya. Suhani asks Sikandar to go to farm house. Police notices Sikandar’s car and stops it. Police inspector questions them. Sikandar tells him that Kartick is his son. Kartick tells him that he want to go to Shreya. Police inspector orders Sikandar to take Kartick to Shreya. Kartick thanks Police inspector.

They reaches Seth mansion. Kartick hugs Shreya and the latter gets relieved seeing him. She sends Kartick inside and she slaps Sikandar. She says that she will take Kartick’s custody through court. Suhani says that they just took Kartick for shopping. Surya scolds her. Gehna tells Sikandar that Kartick won’t be able to love the latter as a father after today’s incident.

Episode ends.

Precap – Judge tells Surya that court can give some more time. Surya tells him that he decided to divorce Gehna.

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