Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 8th June 2022 Written Update: Surya finds Gehna’s location


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 8th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna wakes up and realises that her letter is missing and the door is locked from outside still. She asks to open the door. She pleads to take Urmila to the hospital. On the other hand, Agastya calls Surya and tells him that in the next 6 hours they will get Gehna’s phone records.

He says that Gehna would have took public transport to reach her location. Surya tells him that he is glad that the latter is Gehna’s friend. Agastya tells him that they will find Gehna at any cost and disconnects the call. Surya takes Gehna’s picture and recalls the moments he shared with her. He promises to find her and comes downstairs.

Suhani wonders that why Surya searching Gehna still. She learns that Surya didn’t find Gehna’s letter. Surya asks about Shreya. Suhani tells him that Shreya left for Shimla to meet Kartick. She acts like fainting. Surya gets worried. She asks him to stay with her saying that police will find Gehna. Kaddu tells Surya to leave saying that everyone is here to take care of Suhani.

Surya asks Suhani to take care of herself. Suhani tells Sarika to bring laddu. She feeds laddu to Surya saying that he needs energy to search Gehna. She tells Kaddu that she is going to take rest in her room and goes inside. Sarika follows her. Kaddu says that something is fishy. Dadi agrees with her.

Suhani tells Sarika that she mixed sleeping pill in laddus. Sarika tells her that she also ate those laddus. Suhani asks her to sleep. She plays cold storage video. Gehna tells Suhani that she won’t give up and she will expose her. Suhani asks her to save herself first. Gehna says that Suhani has to come there to know what happened to her and breaks the CCTV camera.

Surya asks public about Gehna by showing her picture. He feels sleepy and wonders that where is she now. He asks her to give a lead to him so he can find her. He is about to get hit by an auto but auto driver puts brake. Surya shows Gehna’s picture to him and asks about Gehna.

Auto driver tells him that he dropped Gehna in the factory. Surya calls police inspector and informs him that he found Gehna’s location. Suhani overhears their conversation and calls her person and asks to kill Gehna and Urmila as soon as possible because Surya may reach there anytime. Meanwhile, Gehna asks God to reunite Surya and Urmila.

Surya tries to control his sleep and meets with an accident. Suhani comes there. Gehna coughs because of poisonous gas. She asks Urmila to wake up. She wonders that how she is going to save Urmila. She loses her consciousness. Suhani calls Surya but no response from other side. She assumes that he died. She says that he won’t go alone because his wife and his real mother coming with him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kaddu and Dadi discuss about birthday party. Gehna invites Gopi to the party.

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