Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st March 2022 Written Update: Police arrests Kabir


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kabir ties a cloth on Kamya’s eyes and asks her to trust him. He realises that he forgot to wear the jacket. Sikandar brings Anant’s jacket and gives it to Kabir. Kabir tells him that in nervousness he forgot about the jacket and he wears it and kneel down in front of Kamya with ring. He proposes Kamya and asks her to make him a part of her life. He is about to make her wear the ring but she withdraws her hand so the rings falls on the floor. She unties the cloth and sees Kabir wearing Anant’s jacket. He takes the ring and tells her that she can take her time.

She touches the jacket and asks him to remove the jacket right now. He removes it and she takes it from him and confirms that, that’s Anant’s jacket by seeing the embroidery. She asks him that how he got this jacket. He tells her that why she is asking about it. She tells him that it’s her Anant’s jacket so the latter must know Anant too. He says that he never met Anant. She asks him that if he is murderer. He asks her that if she became mad.

She connects all the dots from the time she met him to till now. He asks her that if she really thinks that he can do all this. She tells him that she had one proof which is that bag but she lost it in his car and the NGO also belongs to him so everything makes sense now. She says that now she is realising that he tried to divert her so she could not reach the murderer because he is Anant’s murderer. Sikandar calls Arjun and informs him that drama started so the latter has to do his job now.

Kamya says that Kabir took advantage of her helplessness. Kabir asks her that if she really thinks that he can murder someone and play with her feelings. She slaps him and says that she thinks that he is Anant’s murderer. Sikandar tells her that he gifted that jacket to Kabir. She tells him that then he is also part of Anant’s murder. He tells her that she can’t accuse them like this. She shows the jacket’s embroidery to him. Dimpy tells her that there must be some misunderstanding. Kabir tells Kamya that she can call the Police. She says that she will do that for sure and asks him that why murdered Anant.

Arjun shows the news to everyone. Everyone gets shocked watching news about Kabir being murderer. Kamya scolds Kabir for acting like an innocent. Rajesh asks her to stop talking nonsense. Kabir’s family defends Kabir. Police comes there and arrests Kabir. Sikandar tells Kabir that he won’t let anything happen to him. Kabir tells him that he trust him. Police takes him from there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Suhani throws Kamya out of the house.

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