Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th March 2022 Written Update: Gehna demands apology from Surya


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna learns that there is current in water so she stops Surya from getting into the bathtub. While saving him she falls on the floor and he falls on her. Suhani and Kanak comes there. Kanak says to them that she can understand that they are newly married but they should have locked the door at least to romance.

Surya tells Suhani that it’s not like what she thinks. She is about to slap him but Gehna holds her hand. Surya yells at Gehna for holding Suhani’s hand. Gehna tells him that he may think of her as his maid but she is his wife and she want the clear the matter before Suhani overreacts. She says to him that she didn’t come to romance with him but save him because there is current in water.

Suhani and Kanak denies to believe Gehna and taunts her. Gehna asks them to call the hotel Manager and ask him if they don’t believe her then. Surya says that no need of that and he will prove Gehna wrong by getting into bathtub. Gehna tries to stop him but she could not so she throws something at bathtub and it gets burnt. Hotel Manager barge into the bathroom and apologize to them and asks them to not use the bathroon water because there is current in it.

Kanak scolds him for their poor hotel service. He apologize to her and leaves from there. Gehna also leaves from there. Dadi says to Surya that Gehna saved his life. She asks him to figure out that who is right for him. He leaves from there without saying anything. Kanak tells Suhani that Surya didn’t say anything because he has feelings for Gehna.

After some time, Suhani tells Sikandar that her plans are failing one by one. He scolds her for failing to manipulate Surya. He tells her that Surya has to hate Gehna. Meanwhile, Dadi tells Gehna that Surya planned a dinner date to apologize to her. Gehna tells her that the latter must have forced Surya for this dinner date. Suhani overhears their conversation. Meanwhile, Surya recalls that how Gehna saved him. He prepares himself to thank her.

Later, Gehna waits for Surya but Suhani comes there. Suhani asks her that how can the latter threaten her saying that she can separate her from Surya and cries. Gehna gets confused hearing her. Surya yells at Gehna for threatening Suhani. Gehna tells him that Suhani and Sikandar just using him. He is about to slap her but stops himself. She asks him that why he stopped.

Suhani pleads Gehna to not separate her from Surya. Gehna tells her that she is not doing anything like that. Surya tells her that she just knows to manipulate others and he should not have come to apologize to her. He throws water at her face and reminds her that she is maid and leaves from there. Suhani tells Gehna that this is her reality check.

Next day, everyone waits to have breakfast. Gehna brings uncooked vegetables as breakfast. Suhani asks her that why the latter didn’t prepare breakfast. Gehna tells her that she is also human being not slave of anyone. She demands apology from Surya and leaves from there. Dada and Dadi tells Surya to apologize to Gehna. Suhani asks Kanak to cook. Kanak tells her that she don’t know to cook. Surya orders food and denies to apologize to Gehna. Later, Kanak acts like leaving the house and Suhani stops her. She tells her that tonight drama will happen at party.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanak spikes Gehna’s drink.

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