Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Upcoming Story: Arjun’s goon to find Kamya!


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is seeing twist with the show taking leap and Gehna becoming fearless and come up with a new name for herself. Viewers are excited for this newness but they also miss Gehna and Anant’s chemistry. It will be interesting to watch how will this leap affect the show’s tracks!

In the ongoing track, Sikander orders Arjun to kill Kamya. Later, Kamya falls off Kabir’s bike and gets sprain. Sikander hires some shooter but he fails to shoot Kamya and Kabir comes and takes the bullet. Kamya feels guilty seeing this. Arjun scolds the shooter to miss Kamya. Kabir’s mom makes Kamya go away. Kamya tries to find about the last call on Anant’s number from hacker. Kamya goes to police to report about the shooting but they don’t believe her. Kamya calls the number and finds out it’s of Arjun.

Sikander makes his goon kidnap Kamya. Kamya some how finds a way to escape the goons and runs. She meets Kabir half way down and is surprised. Kabir helps her and they escape the place. They both are at some unknown place and trying to find out way out ao Kabir decides to call Sikander. Sikander is already furious to hear from Arjun that Gehna escaped.

Kabir and Gehna decide to stay in a truck. Kabir gets fever so Kamya solds her ring to bring medicine for him. Kabir thanks her. Arjun’s goons inform him they couldn’t find Kamya. Kabir and Kamya reach out of Mumbai as the truck starts moving. Kamya worries that they don’t have money. Kabir goes to a corner and informs Sikander about his location. Kamya scolds him.

In the upcoming episodes, Kamya will call Praful and will ensure him she will always be his daughter in law. Kabir will be shocked.

Will Kamya be able to prove Anant’s innocence? What connection Kabir has with Sikander?

How will Anant and Gehna unite?

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