Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Upcoming Story: Gehna to be kept in dark?


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Star Plus’ popular show Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is gaining popularity ever since Gehna and Anant have started feeling for each other. Anant is yet to realise his love for Gehna but for viewers it’s easily visible. With lots of twists and turns coming, with Sagar taking revenge from Desais’ with his new partners. Anant and Gehna are unable to solve this issue. Now, what will be Sagar’s next move?

In the current track, Krishna tries to tell how he is innocent. Gehna cross checks and also realises Krishna is innocent. Gehna threatens Radhika and Kanak and they help her track Sagar. Sagar is shocked to be betrayed by Kanak. Kanak later apologies for the same so Sagar asks Kanak to prove it by sending everyone in Desai mansion out so that Gehna is alone. Kanak agrees. Here, in hospital everyone waits for Jamuna to gain conciousness. While in the house, Gehna feels something is wrong with the professor. Gehna sees the professor mix something in her coffee so she swaps the coffe mugs. Here, Jamuna wakes up and says Professor Kumar pushed her. Everyone gets shocked and Anant thinks Gehna is in danger and worries. Anant goes to home and questions professor. Professor says Gehna is safe but only till the time Anant follows his instructions.

Anant tries to find Gehna. Professor says I am not a fool to hide Gehna here. Professor asks Anant to take the suitcase which has a bomb and kill innocent people. Anant reluctunantly takes it but then hands it over to the police. Police appreciates it and helps Anant get back to Gehna. Professor is arrested. Everyone praises Gehna and Anant confesses his love for Gehna. Everyone will prepare for Gehna and Anant’s marriage but they keep it secret from Gehna. Radhika gets to know and thinka of ideas to not let the marriage happen.

In the upcoming episodes, Anant will refuse to marry Gehna.

Will Gehna be able to save Desai from Kanak’s evil plan?

How will Kanak be defeated? What will be Kanak upto next?