Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Upcoming Story: Gehna to be punished by Abhay!


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is seeing twist with Gehna losing her memory of Anant and Desai’s, Gehna thinks herself as Kajal and stays with Abhay. Abhay is very over protective and tortures Gehna. Will Gehna be able to save herself? Viewers are hopeful that this time also Anant and Gehna will fight it together.

In the ongoing track, Gehna tries to prove her innocence by calling Dr. Abhay and keeping the phone on speaker. Abhay says Gehna is saying the truth but at the end pretends like they are having an affair. Anant says we are tired of the lies. Gehna tries to hurt Kanak and attempt suicide but doctors save her and inform Anant that it’s due to the miscarriage she is behaving odd. Jamuna asks Anant to put Gehna in mental asylum and forget about her.

Anant feels confused what to do. Abhay finds Gehna in an unconscious state and sees her taking Anant’s name so he thinks to erase her memory. Next morning, few months has passed and Anant still misses Gehna and is miserable. On the other hand, Praful is seen taking care of Kanal who is still pretending to be pregnant. When Anant goes to see Gehna in mental hospital care, he finds her missing and is shocked. Anant sees Gehna on road but in different look. Gehna doesn’t recognise Anant and is not even recognise herself as Gehna. Gehna addresses herself as Kajal. Anant is taken by the police, Anant misses seeing Abhay with Gehna.

Later, Praful bails out Anant and they will be shocked to know what Anant is saying. No one believes Anant as they think Gehna is in the mental center. Here, Abhay punishes Gehna for going out and then later on Rohan reveals how his real mother is dead.

In the upcoming episodes, Abhay will make Gehna remember about her memory loss. Gehna will feel confused.

Will Gehna and Anant separate? Will Dr. Abhay’s reality get revealed? Will Kanak’s plan get exposed? Jamuna to blame Gehna?

Will Anant do second marriage? How will Anant and Gehna start their own family? What challenges await for Gehna?