Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Upcoming Story: Kamya to suspect Kabir’s family?


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is seeing twist with the show taking leap and Gehna becoming fearless and come up with a new name for herself. Viewers are excited for this newness but they also miss Gehna and Anant’s chemistry. It will be interesting to watch how will this leap affect the show’s tracks!

In the ongoing track, Kamya saves a girl from burning and gets burns. Kabir puts ointment. Seeing their love and concern, a Punjabi couple offer them shelter in their home. They ask Kabir to put sindoor in Kamya’s forehead. Kamya feels weird and goes inside. She calls Praful and shares everything. Praful asks her to move on. Kamya says that she will always remain his daughter in law. Kabir cries listening to this. Kabir calms himself and pretends normal. Suhani asks Sikander to let Kamya live as they got their bag so Sikander agrees.

Later, the Punjabi couple ask and insist Kamya and Kabir to take part in some Valentine’s day competition. Kabir and Kamya clear rounds after rounds and reach to finals. Kabir proposes to Kamya which makes her irritated and anxious. She tries to talk to Praful who encourages her to move on. Later, Kabir makes Kamya realise her love for him. Kamya is reluctant to go to Kabir’s place but when he remembers a logo on the drug bag is same as Kabir’s family car, she thinks they might have some connection.

In the upcoming episodes, Sikander will ask Kamya if she is related to Gehna.

Will Kamya be able to prove Anant’s innocence? What connection Kabir has with Sikander? How will Anant and Gehna unite?

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