Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Upcoming Story: Sikander is blamed by Dada ji!


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is seeing twist with the show taking leap and Gehna becoming Kamya and falling for Kabir, now she sees a challenge to save Kabir who is actually Surya from Sikander. Viewers have also seen new male lead Kabir being there for Kamya, it will be interesting to watch will Kamya and Kabir really end up together!

In the ongoing track, Suhana selects Sikander over Surya as she thinks if Sikander goes to jail then their house will shatter. Dada and Dadi pray to bring Surya out. Sikander asks Arjun to make Surya’s bail rejected so Surya is taken to jail. Here, Kanak and Hema think of Gehna being the daughter of Desai’s. Gehna tells everything about Surya to Jamuna and Praful, they ask her to fight for Surya and offer money. Kanak hears this and later goes to ask money from Jamuna but she gets scolded.

Here, Gehna comes as lawyer of Surya, surprising him. Surya says I don’t want to fight. Gehna says help me find the real culprit. Surya agrees. Sikander and Arjun are shocked to know Gehna is Surya’s lawyer. Sikander tries to warn Gehna but she stays firm in her decision to fight the case. Arjun tells Sikander how tbey can’t harm Gehna as now she is the lawyer of Surya, and if they harm her then police can come after them.

Sikander sees Gehna talking to Surya’s friends so he asks someone to do a blast. A man throws a bomb on Gehna. Gehna gets injured and is taken to hospital. Dada ji sees the news and blames Sikander to kill thousands of innocents. Sikander tells Suhani how Gehna is dead. Gehna has a good come back when she hides and records the deal of Arjun in gowdown.

In the upcoming episodes, Gehna will get the CCTV footage and will set her plans right.

Will Kamya be able to prove Surya’s innocence? Who killed Anant?

How will Surya and Gehna unite?

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