Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Upcoming Story: Suhana to become partial towards Sikander?


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is seeing twist with the show taking leap and Gehna becoming Kamya and falling for Kabir, now she sees a challenge to save Kabir who is actually Surya from Sikander. Viewers have also seen new male lead Kabir being there for Kamya, it will be interesting to watch will Kamya and Kabir really end up together!

In the ongoing track, Sikander asks Kabir to propose to Kamya in the party. Kamya feels more deeply for Kabir and shares the same with Praful. The party starts, Kabir wears Anant’s jacket given by Sikander. Kamya sees it and gets all past memories, she wonders how Kabir got it. Kamya accuses Kabir of doing Anant’s murder. Sikander enjoys the drama. Police comes and arrests Kabir. Kabir is broken by Kamya’s mistrust on him. In the jail, Kabir asks Sikander to not let Kamya go anywhere as she is in danger.

Sikander tells how Anant dies because of Kamya, whose actual name is Gehna, as she cheated on Anant. Kabir is shocked. Gehna comes to Desai’s as Anant’s last rites are being done. Praful tells all how Gehna found the culprit so Jamuna apologies to her and asks her to come back to home. Kanak and Hema plan to spike Gehna’s drink but she senses it. Dimpy calls Gehna to meet her. Gehna is confused but then goes to meet her.

Dimpy tells Gehna how Kabir is not Kabir but Surya. Gehna will decide to bring the truth out but Surya will say not to. Suhana selects Sikander over Surya as she thinks if Sikander goes to jail then their house will shatter. Dada and Dadi pray to bring Surya out. Sikander asks Arjun to make Surya’s bail rejected so Surya is taken to jail. Here, Kanak and Hema think of Gehna being the daughter of Desai’s.

In the upcoming episodes, Gehna will come as a lawyer for Kabir, shocking Sikander.

Will Kamya be able to prove Surya’s innocence? Who killed Anant?

How will Surya and Gehna unite?

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