Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Upcoming Story: Suhani to manipulate Surya?


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is seeing twist with Gehna and Surya marrying, and Surya trying to take revenge from Gehna. Now viewers are interested to watch how will Gehna save herself from being overpowered by Surya!

In the ongoing track, in the engagement ceremony, Kanak and Hema put glass pieces in the flowers that will be showered on Gehna. Surya sees this and saves Gehna gaining the trust of Desais. Gehna thinks she is bringing bad omen to Surya so she thinks to break the marriage. Later, Suhana asks Surya why he saved Gehna? Surya says I wanted to gain trust and also no one can hurt Gehna other than me. Later, Kanak finds out about Surya marrying Gehna for revenge so she gets happy.

Before the marriage, Gehna hears on phone that Surya is going to meet Sikander so she follows Surya and sees them hug. Gehna gets surprised. Surya sees Gehna so he acts like he is cutting all ties with Gehna. Gehna leaves from there. The marriage happens successfully. Post marriage, at night, Surya comes to Gehna in room and gifts her a servant dress shocking Gehna. Gehna is upset knowing Surya married her for revenge.

She is ready to go out of the house when Dadi takes her aside and makes her understand how Surya is acting like this to get Suhani’s support. Gehna decides to bring the truth of Suhani in front of Surya.

In the upcoming episodes, Surya will gift Suhani a new laptop.

Will Kamya be able to prove Surya’s innocence?

Who killed Anant?

How will Surya and Gehna unite?

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