Saavi Ki Savaari 10th March 2023 Written Update: Mohan tries to prove Himesh did not commit suicide


Episode begins with Vedika tells Saavi that she know the latter planned to break her hand to stop the divorce. Saavi apologizes to her. She says that she thought to hurt herself than hurting others. And she blames herself for Himesh’s decision. Vedika tells her that the latter disappointed her and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Girdhar tells Dimpy that she asked for rat poison because she saw rats in the kitchen. Dimpy blames him for everything. She warns him to stay silent if he don’t want to end up in jail then. He nods at her and leaves from there.

Saavi asks Thasvi that what doctor said. Thasvi thanks her. She says that Himesh will become fine soon. Saavi asks her that if the latter is not angry at her. Thasvi tells her that the latter is not responsible for anything. Saavi says that Himesh is not weak to kill himself for money. She hugs Thasvi. Himesh hears their conversation and acts like sleeping. He recalls that how Dimpy gave juice to him.

After some time, Dimpy asks Himesh that why he came out of the room. She tells him that he need rest. Himesh asks her that why everyone is saying like he tried to kill himself. She lies to him that he had food poisoning so she used that chance. He asks her that what Thasvi will think about him. She tells him that her plan worked. Because Uma Devi forcing Saavi to withdraw her demands. She asks him to stay silent until he gets share from the property. He nods at her.

Nityam tells Vedika that she gets peace in the temple. But where he will go. Vedika asks him that what happened. He tells her that he agreed to give share to Himesh for Uma Devi’s sake and then Saavi came with new demand. And he is not understanding what he should do now. Mohan brings tea for them. Nityam refuses to drink tea. Vedika convinces him to drink tea. She tells Mohan that he speaks well. Nityam sends Mohan from there. He asks Vedika to not try to find Raksham in everyone. She advices him to think from heart and leaves from there. He thinks that he should not have hired Mohan.

Girdhar tries to leave the house. Mohan stops him and questions him. Girdhar tells him that he gave rat poison to Himesh. Mohan tells him that the latter is innocent. He sends him from there. Saavi comes there and says that she don’t think Himesh can kill himself. She suspects Dimpy. He shows the rat poison bottle and tells her about what Girdhar said. She says that they have to prove that Himesh did not try to kill himself.

Later, Mohan scares Himesh with knife. He asks Himesh that why the latter lied. Himesh runs to the hall. He tells Nityam to call the police. He says that Mohan tried to kill him with knife. Mohan says that, that’s not original knife. He says that Himesh did not try to kill himself. He reveals that Girdhar tried to leave the house. He asks Himesh to promise on Thasvi. Thasvi asks Himesh to say he did not try to kill himself. Himesh lies that he drank cleaner. Nityam tells Mohan to leave the house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saavi tells Nityam that she won’t withdraw her demand. She gives time, till his birthday. Dimpy learns that Saavi won’t get alimony if it has been proved that Saavi is having an affair. She sees Saavi and Mohan together and gets an idea.