Saavi Ki Savaari 13th March 2023 Written Update: Sonam informs Saavi about Ratna and Rishikesh’s plan


Saavi Ki Savaari 13th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nityam and Mohan eats roadside snack. They fights for snack. Nityam calls Mohan as brother by mistake. He gets silent when he realised what he said. He asks him to drop him at office. Mohan nods at him. Saavi thinks that Nityam did not forget Raksham. Mohan drops Nityam at his office. Nityam tells him that whatever happened did not look like co-incidence. Mohan tells him that Saavi asked him to do all this because the latter is stressed nowadays. He says that Saavi cares about Nityam so much and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Sonam reaches Dalmia house. She thinks that she has to tell Saavi that Ratna and Rishikesh went to Nityam’s office to threaten Nityam. She notices Mohan and recognises him. She calls him with his name which shocks him. Mohan asks her to keep quiet. She asks him that what happened to him. Girdhar comes there and scolds Mohan for coming late. He goes inside. Sonam tells Mohan that she want to talk to Saavi. Mohan gives his phone to her and goes inside.

Nityam recalls that how Mohan said that Saavi cares about him. He wonders that if Saavi is good person. He enters his cabin and gets shocked seeing Rishikesh sitting on his chair. He greets Ratna. Rishikesh introduces himself to Nityam. He says that no one invited him for Saavi and Nityam’s marriage.

He talks about the money which Saavi is going to get after the divorce. Nityam tells him that divorce is personal matter of his and Saavi. He requests Ratna to leave from there with Rishikesh. Ratna tells him that they came for Saavi’s rights. Nityam gets pissed off with Rishikesh’s behaviour. He calls security guard. Rishikesh talks about the husbands who did not keep their wife happy.

Sonam calls Saavi and tells her that she is in Dalmia house. She informs Saavi that Ratna and Rishikesh went to Nityam’s office to threaten Nityam. She asks her to stop them before they creates a drama and disconnects the call. Mohan takes the phone from Sonam and goes inside.

Nityam asks Rishikesh to talk directly. Rishikesh says that media will say Nityam tortured Saavi. Nityam holds Rishikesh’s collar. He scolds him for blackmailing him. He says that he and his family never tortured Saavi. Ratna records everything. Rishikesh asks her to not do that because it’s about Nityam’s self respect. He tells Nityam that this video will reach media reporters. He reminds him that Dalmias asked Saavi’s hand for marriage so it’s Dalmias responsibility to keep Saavi happy. He says that law don’t give bail in domestic violence case. Ratna tells Nityam to fulfill Saavi’s demand. Nityam tells them that he know to answer Saavi’s false accusations. They leaves from there. Saavi comes there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nityam tells lawyer that he won’t give single penny as alimony to Saavi but he wants divorce at any cost. He asks him to do whatever the latter can do. Dimpy hears everything. Nityam questions Saavi. He wants to check her phone.

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